Please help with monitor problems. I'm desperate!

  Pappyon 15:38 18 Jan 2003
  Pappyon 15:38 18 Jan 2003

I posted here this morning about my Mitsubishi Diamond Pro monitor packing in. I substituted it with an old Packard Bell which was working perfectly with my old PC quite recently.
I am running Win xp. The picture with my MESH PC is grey, dead and lifeless and I can hardly read anything that comes up on the screen. No matter what alterations I make in the Display settings regarding resolution, font size etc it makes no difference. Changing the contrast and brightness controls doesn't help either. When the screen saver comes on, which I have set to blank, the screen is more grey/blue than black.
Tell me please, is this the monitor that is at fault, or is there a fault in my graphics card as well?

  howard60 17:30 18 Jan 2003

check that there is no muck on the connections then reseat it and also check that there are no bent pins in the video cable plug.

  Djohn 17:42 18 Jan 2003

Pappyon, it sounds as though the brightness, or contrast controls of your monitor are set far too light. This is probably an internal adjustment and will require an engineer to have a look, please don't open the casing yourself. J.

  Pappyon 18:59 18 Jan 2003

The brightness and contrast controls are actually working. I have to adjust them to make the screen darker, otherwise I would not be able to see what I am typing just now. If the screen is set to its normal brightness I can't read anything that is printed. Whether it's my imagination I don't know, but the words I am typing just now seem a lot smaller than normal.
Could you please explain in simple terms how to loosen the video card. I have had the case open but I don't know what to do. I am frightened I may cause damage.
When you say the "video cable plug" do you mean the plug that the monitor cable plugs into on the back of the PC.

  wee eddie 22:35 18 Jan 2003

I have only just seen this posting. Why did you not follow on the other thread?

It strikes me that the problem almost certainly lies with your graphics card. Your other monitor may be fit and well.

Turn your computer off. Take off the outer casing. Touch both hands onto a metal part of the frame then remove the Mains plug.

You will probably need a Phillips screwdriver. The card that the monitor is connected to will be the graphics card. Disconnect the monitor. unscrew from the frame, the metal plate to which the monitor was plugged.

Touching, neither side of the card, both ends of the card only. Slowly rock it until it lifts up.

If your like me it will look a bit like a town plan and mean absolutly nothing but I have been told that it is possible to recognise if something catastrophic has happened to it, but I'm in the dark there.

Place it carefully back in the slot and rock it back home. Screw the fixing plate back to the frame and reconnect the monitor. Pray and reboot.

You mat then have to go to the Control Panel/Monitor/ and reset the various parameters there.

Then pray again. The fact that neither monitor works properly may be the give away.

If cowardice overtakes a PC World £30 check will sort it for you.

  Forum Editor 23:24 18 Jan 2003

you have experienced the same problem with two monitors on the same computer.

This being the case, there's obviously a problem on the computer, and the checks are:

1. As others have said - are you sure that the video display settings are correctly configured in control panel? If they aren't you can get some very funny things happening on screen.

2. I assume that you have installed the correct drivers for both monitor and video card?

3. The video card may be faulty, as has already been suggested. If the card has an onboard fan - as many fairly new cards do - check that it's running by starting the computer with the case off. If it isn't you have probably found the cause of the problem. Unfortunately there may be not other visible signs if damage has occurred - you will only find out by swapping the card for a new one.

  preston 23:35 18 Jan 2003

i had a similar problem, dont use your old monitor, you need a newer one or an eqivalent one to your mitsubishi.

  Pappyon 11:35 19 Jan 2003

I am about to make the advised checks, and will post back if this monitor is still working.
It seems to get very slightly better and worse alternately, but never quite acceptable. Perhaps I should have said it is 7 years old, and may not be compatible with a powerful modern computer with a more advanced graphics card than was on an old 850mb HDD Packard Bell PC with 8mb RAM. I don't have the experience to judge.
Goodmess knows how long it will take me to get a replacement Mitsubishi from MESH under their 2nd and 3rd year RTB warranty, going by their Customer Service record.

Wee Eddy
The reason I didn't continue with the other thread was because nobody else had replied to it and I thought it wasn't attracting evough interest. Sorry!!

  Djohn 11:44 19 Jan 2003

Pappyon, If you think your thread is getting lost all you have to do is post to it again and it will come back to the top.

As for your monitor, I don't think you will have any problems with Mesh as they will swap it out for you under the warranty scheme. J.

  SEASHANTY 15:37 19 Jan 2003

I note that you say you have set your monitor screensaver to "BLANK". Your screensaver should be set at "NONE" when checking.

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