please help me ,samsung s2,keeps restarting by itself

  habs2habs 07:44 30 Jan 2012

Hi everyone

can you please help me.

i bought samsung s2 contract from (phones4u)on 4th january/2012,they were so helpful and polite.

the problem is :3 days after when i bought the mobile phones,it keeps restarting by itself.without even me touching the mobile phones.

Sometimes the alarm doesn't sound as well,when i press the main button on,the mobile phone restart.

i called phones4u technical support,and explain the problem to them,they helped me to (hard reset) the mobile phones.

when i done that and reinstall all the apps again,3 days later,it start again restarting by itself,honestly i was upset because i really like this phone.

again i called phones4u technical support,they told me i had to return the mobile phone,and they will send me new one.

As they promise they sent me new one.

i received the new mobile phone last Friday 27/1/2012,i was so happy.

to my biggest shock,when i start installing the apps,the mobile restart by itself again.

yesterday 29/1/2012,the mobile phone was in my horizontal pouch,suddenly,the mobile phone restart by itself again.

i set up the alarm to sound on at 6.15 am,this morning.but the alarm doesn't sound on,i woke up late at 6.45.

When i press the main button on,the mobile phone restart again.

i was so upset why this is happening?

i had a lot of apps specially for (killing apps in the background),and apps for extending battery life.

i ran app for killing apps in the background one at a time.

please why is this happening to my mobile phone?

how can i stop my mobile phone restarting my itself

i hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards habs2habs

  northumbria61 08:54 30 Jan 2012

There is clearly a problem somewhere - a conflict maybe. Contact your supplier again or if you have a store near to you pop in and let them see exactly what is happening.

List of available stores enter link description here

  KRONOS the First 09:00 30 Jan 2012

Take it back to wherever you got it from, explain what has been happening.

  birdface 13:44 30 Jan 2012

Would not be surprised if they set your phone back to factory settings then sent you the same phone back again.

Unusual for the same thing to happen to both phones.

Best bet would be to go to the shop and watch them as they give you a new one.That way you know you are not getting the old one back again.

  habs2habs 20:46 30 Jan 2012

thank you all for your quick reply.

that is why i am so confused.

example today,when the alarm doesn't sound on,and the mobile restart.

all day long today nothing happened,it doesn't restart by itself(touch wood),it will never happen again.

-buteman:i don't think this is the same phone,because the IMEI is different,than the first one.

if this happened again i will go the phones4u shop and will explain to them the problem.

what will happen if i get new phone again,and the same thing happened?

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs2habs

  habs2habs 07:20 07 Feb 2012

hi everyone again

the latest to my problem:

early morning today 07/02/2012 at 2.10am,while i was sleeping,the mobile restart by itself,i was shocked.

i am sure there one of the apps causing this. I have a lot of apps,mainly for(extended battery,killing apps in the background)

example of the apps i have for (killing apps):

-advanced task manager -advanced task killer free -android booster -super task killer -gemini app manager -gemini task killer -easy task killer

i use those app one at a time,when i finish from one app,i use the other

the extended battery app:

-juice defender plus(I paid for that app,very good) -easy battery -battery defender -2x battery

and memory booster,to reclaim the memory back to your mobile

and some backup apps: -my backup pro -ultimate backup -app backup and restore

app2sd (apps as well) apps: -sky news -vodafone -amazon -kindle -kayak

and some spanish language apps as well

if is there one of the apps causing this problem,how can i know which one?

i am using those apps one at a time,mainly for (extended battery,and killing apps)

what is shocking me that the mobile phone restart even without me touching my mobile phone

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs2habs

  Ian in Northampton 08:23 07 Feb 2012

It sounds, as someone has said, as if you have some kind of app conflict problem. You should take your phone back to its factory settings. Then, install the apps one at a time. Install the first app, leave the phone for a few days before installing any more apps. If it doesn't randomly restart, install another app, wait a few days - and keep doing this, one app at a time, until you find the app that is causing the restart.

  habs2habs 21:18 07 Feb 2012

Dear Ian

thank you for your reply so much.

today at work,my mobile phone was on the desk,i wasn't using it.

later i tried to call my wife ,my phone was switched off,i didn't switch it off,it switch off by itself.

i tried to switch it on,nothing worked,i had to take the battery off,than restart my phone.

i will do factory reset my mobile phone and do that(install one app at a time and wait for 2 or 3 days,if nothing happened,i will carry on installing the apps one at a time.

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habib1

  Ian in Northampton 09:59 08 Feb 2012

I'm convinced the problem is with a conflict among your apps. To have one phone that randomly switches off might point to a faulty phone - but to have two with an identical problem tells me that it's not the phone that's the problem, it's something you're doing with it. It wasn't 100% clear to me from your original post - but if, for example, you have more than one app that does the same thing (e.g. battery management) then there is very likely to be conflict (much as, on a PC, if you have two antivirus programs running). Try the 'bare bones' phone - with no additional apps installed - for a little while. If it's reliable, then that will very much point to an app problem of some kind.

  habs2habs 07:56 09 Feb 2012

Dear Ian in Northampton

again,thank you so much for your reply.

you are right,i have apps do the same things:

example:apps for: -To extend the battery -apps2sd -apps task killer

these apps do the same things as you mentioned.maybe some apps conflict with each other.

i will wait one more time ,if anything happened,with my mobile phone,i will factory reset it.

i am not saying the problem from the phone,99%,the problem from one apps,which with another,but which one,i have no idea.

and install one app at a time and wait to 3 days to see if anything happened

again thank you so much for your help

my kindest regards habib1

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