please help me restore my lost documents

  makkie 22:38 10 Aug 2005

I'm have recently registered with you and am requesting for help.I am a doctor.
I own an ipaq 3970 and use my SD card to store all my data including all my operations and paper work. I recently purchased a new digital camera and in the enthusiasm started using my SD card for storing the pictures.When I first started using it I was prompted if the card needed formatting. I pressed yes by mistake and now all my data is missing.
I have been using my ipaq for some time and whenever I came home I made sure it was synchronised to my laptop. Now I cannot find my documents.Is there any way I would be able to retrive my documents? Please somebody help me.

Thanking you,


  Technotiger 22:48 10 Aug 2005

Hi, download and install Drive Rescue, can be found amongst this lot -

click here


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 10 Aug 2005

From cfc msticks smartmedia etc.
Smart recovery click here
zero assumption click here

  VoG II 22:54 10 Aug 2005

As above.

I have recently been experiencing aching in both shoulders. Is this arthritis, should I see my doctor (who hates us) or what?

  lotvic 23:19 10 Aug 2005

and I've got toothache should I try and find a dentist or what?

:))) ROFL

  makkie 23:38 10 Aug 2005

how do I select a path or filename to save a file?

  scotty 00:28 11 Aug 2005

Active sync will have saved your files to a directory such as C:\My Documents\PocketPC or something similar. Do a search of your harddrive for Backup_*.pbf to find the location of the synchronised files.

  Simsy 01:12 11 Aug 2005

and apologies if I have...

But I think most of the advice is aimed at helping retrieve the photos. I'm not sure that that is what makkie is seeking help with...

If I read it correctly, (not a given!!), what makkie has done is formatted his sd card, hence deleting all content on it, then synchronised
the contents of it with his laptop and the laptop contents have disappeared.

Can you confirm whether I've correctly identified the problem makkie??

(Not that I have an answer, but it might help other to provide one!)

As usual, my apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree!



  €dstowe 06:54 11 Aug 2005

There is something very odd about this request and I feel that Makkie is taking the mikkie.

Disregarding what it is that has been lost, if you are a doctor, why are you not using suitable (and approved) software systems and storage media for your records? Why don't you have comprehensive backups of ALL of your records? Why don't you have more than one SD card?

I wouldn't entrust my own telephone number to be successfully stored on an SD card, never mind anything important.

If I am wrong here, I apologise but, there are many doubts in my mind about this problem.

  dave_and_confused 09:13 11 Aug 2005

€dstowe - a bit strong?? Who said this had anything to do with his / her work????

My neighbour is a doctor (dermatologist i believe) but he knows little of PCs past using them for his work. In fact many people know how to use their PC at work to do sepcific tasks but can't do the simplist task on their home PC outside of their work knowledge.

makkie - you need to select My Documents or a location on your PC that you can recognise again to save them. I assume the software found some pictures??

  scotty 09:47 11 Aug 2005

Looking through files which are synchronised by active sync, it does not appear that those on the memory card are synchronised. You will only have a backup of these if you specifically copied them to the computer.

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