Please help me remove Zlob from chum's PC

  NickyK 21:59 17 Oct 2008

One of my friends has managed to somehow download and install something called zlob/r.cq on his PC. He says it has damaged half his OS. I think he got it off a bad codecs download.

He tells me he has run AVG 7.5 repeatedly, and it keeps on finding the same infections each time even though he deletes them each time.

He also tells me he has deleted some entries when using hijack this; and I wonder if this is what has damaged his OS.

I have googled the problem, but there are too many non-specific answers. I tried a SEARCH here, but the posts were not pertainable to this instance.

I don't really know what to do. He runs XP with the Windows Firewall and SP2 installed. He doesn't use a router and has no Firewall besides Windows. Oh, and he uses AVG, obviously, as his anti-virus and SpyBot.

I should be able to help him because I have exactly the same PC as my chum, except that I use a firewalled router, have an internal Firewall, and a malware shield too.

  hiwatt 22:07 17 Oct 2008

Download and run here

  NickyK 22:12 17 Oct 2008

Thank you for the swift response. It might work, but it is share. I am trying to help a friend and I cannot expect him to pay! Not yet anyway. Thanks though!

  sanchoPanza 22:13 17 Oct 2008

click here
click here
found another 200 after malawarebytes

  NickyK 22:25 17 Oct 2008

Most curious. These two utilities are exactly what I use on my own system!!!! My "chum" does not use them. Do you think putting them into his PC will get rid of the infection?

I need a step-by-step solution. Sorry, but it is not my PC and I can't make any mistakes.

  provider 2 22:58 17 Oct 2008

I think you`re going to have a major problem getting rid of this one. No harm in trying SuperAntispyware and A-Squared, of course, and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware also but in the end it`s likely a trip to a specialised Malware Removal forum will be necessary.

This may take some time, unfortunately but will be most effective in the long run.

click here

click here

  NickyK 23:11 17 Oct 2008

I don't know any specialized malware removal forums! I am just a person!

If I can't fix it tomorrow for my chum...well. I can get his material off. Sure. But does this, mean a complete Windows re-install?

I suppose all that I am really asking is this:

Is his corrupted system salvageable as is? or will I have to do a complete Windows re-install? Yes, I can get some stuff off of his saved stuff.

I am an intelligent man. And I don't know what to do.

  provider 2 23:23 17 Oct 2008


By "a trip to ... etc" what I meant was that it may be necessary to log in to one of the above forums and wait until a helper responds to the question you have posted.

You will be told to download a program like Hijack This which copies the entries in the Registry (the OS`s command and control centre) and post it back so that it can be examined by an expert who has a database at his disposal in which these malware keys are listed ... many of them are meaningless to mere mortals like you and me.

He will then take you through a step by step removal procedure, thus causing no damage to the system ... hopefully.

That`s what it`s all about, really, and why I said it may take some time.

  provider 2 23:26 17 Oct 2008

Whether or not your friend has damaged his OS, I don`t know but messing about with the registry is a bad idea unless you know exactly what you are doing.

  NickyK 23:35 17 Oct 2008

I suppose if it were my system, then okay. But it is not and I am out of my depth!!!

  NickyK 23:39 17 Oct 2008

Best forum 9innthe world? Nah.

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