please help me with nero 6

  bibo1465 23:42 13 Nov 2004

Hi everyone

Please i need your help with nero6.
I have created so many films with (vcd) format.

I have burned about 4 dvd disc thinking i am doing the right thing with nero6 but i was wrong, the dvd rendered useless, i bin them.

I tried to create these dvd disc because i want to see them on my dvd machine, when i put them in the dvd machine it says(bad disk).but i can see them on my computer.

I hate nero6, i like nero5 because it is much easier to use.

Can you please tell me how to burn dvd disk with vcd format to be able to see the movies on my dvd machine using nero6, i don't want to burn more dvd,and then later through them.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

  kev.Ifty 00:21 14 Nov 2004

VCD and DVD ain't the same thing....

If you can play the Disc in your PC then i would say NERO6 has worked.

When you open NERO you have to select DVD or CD.

if you choose CD then your video files are written as VCD. If you choose DVD then they become DVD.

I would think the DVD player that you are using does not support the disc format.My DVD player will play just about any Disc you care to throw at it,but it wont play DVDRW (rewritable DVD disc's)

My other DVD player, which is a cheap Phillips player, will play DVDRW'S with out any prob's.

What Disc's are you using? Do you have access to another DVD player?

NERO6 works fine for me.


  THE TERMINATOR 00:34 14 Nov 2004

Are you sure you are burning these to DVD? Are you burning these vcd movies to cd, and it is that your DVD player will not support VCD?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:36 14 Nov 2004

CD and DVD are two different types of disc and not all DVD players will read vcd's

  THE TERMINATOR 00:38 14 Nov 2004

that is if, vcd is burnt onto cd

  THE TERMINATOR 00:41 14 Nov 2004

As with kev.Ifty, Nero 6.0 works fine for me too....TT

  bibo1465 10:50 14 Nov 2004

hi kev.ifty,and the terminator

For kev.ifty the dvd player is:
Roadstar dvd 2019
in the front it says: MP3
dolby digital,dts(digital out).

I created a cd disk and i was able to see it on the dvd player by choosing cd>vcd

but how do i create dvd,so many option:(dvd rom ISO,dvd copy,dvd video,dvd-rom boot,dvd rom udf,dvd-rom udf.iso),which one to choose .
Can you please tell me step by step how to do this.

The terminator:I have created a cd disk (it does) work on my dvd player, but not dvd disk.

My friend created dvd disk from his computer and when i tried it on my dvd player it does work, he said to me that he used software called: tmpegenc.

I was trying to burn these vcd movies to dvd, may be i was wrong.

Can you please help me again.

Thank you for all your help

  pj123 12:30 14 Nov 2004

You haven't said what you are burning these disks with? Do you have a CD Rewriter or a DVD Rewriter? The way I am reading it, it looks like you are trying to burn a vcd on to a DVD Disk, or you are not choosing the right media in Nero 6.

You keep saying "a DVD disk with VCD format" You can't burn a DVD disk with VCD format. You use an ordinary CD and burn it as VCD and it will then play on most DVD players. DVD is a completely different format (normally mpeg).

  kev.Ifty 22:35 14 Nov 2004

A very basic guide to burning DVD using Nero 6..............

Open SMART START, in the top right corner you have two options, DVD or CD.

Select DVD. Now across the top you have several options. These are illustrated by a star, a musical note etc... Select Photo and Video (the film strip icon) Go down the list and click on MAKE A DVD-VIDEO.

In the new window that has now appeared, select MAKE A DVD > DVD VIDEO.. In this new window select ADD VIDEO FILES. You will then have to browse to the containing folder and double click the required file.

If you then just follow the on screen instructions (keep clicking NEXT) you should be fine.

BUT the main thing is.. You must have a DVD Burner and use DVD writable Disc's ;-)

If you are still having prob's come back and let us know

Cheers Kev.

  hugh-265156 22:42 14 Nov 2004

if you can play back the dvd discs on your computer then my guess is as above, maybe your home dvd player is just not compatable with the dvd +/-r/rw discs you are using but is compatable with standard vcd cdrs.

look up your home player click here and see if its listed, it should tell you what type of discs it will play.

  bibo1465 20:48 15 Nov 2004

hi everyone

for pj123: you are right i was trying to burn vcd to DVD.I am using nero 6 with dvd writer NEC 3500a.

Kev .ifty: thank you for telling me step by step how to burn dvd,that's how i was so confused.

Now a much easier because of your were so helpful,in fact all of you were so helpful.

thank you

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