please help me with microsoft skydrive cloud storage

  habs2habs 17:42 27 Dec 2012

hi everyone

please i need your help.

I am using microsoft skydrive 5GB free storage.

I tried to upload movie to skydrive which is 850MB,skydrive doesn't allow me to do that .

A message come up saying it exceed the 300MB.

If i buy an additional storage 50GB,will microsft allow me to upload unlimited file in size to skydrive storage

please is there any website to show me how to use microsoft skydrive step by step,example: on

i hope to hear from you very soon

happy new year to all of you

my kindest regards habs2habs

  brambles 18:03 27 Dec 2012 is what I use for videos - try it out there isn't a 300mb limit and it is a popular 'CLOUD' application.

Go to and download the application.

You will have a dropobox icon on your desktop. Open the application - drag or copy your actual video file into the application - as you would on Skydrive.

When you go online to open the 'CLOUD' version your video will be there or it will be downloading - you can view it and there are numerous sharing options.

After that you can view your Dropbox from any computer by signing in.

You must have friends who have dropbox it is very big.


  brambles 18:32 27 Dec 2012

Files uploaded to Dropbox via the desktop application or mobile apps have no file size limit.

Files uploaded through the website (by pressing the upload button) have a 300 MB cap. In other words, each file you upload through the website must be 300 MB or less.

So you must have a desktop application in either Dropbox or Skydrive and there is no limit on Dropbox and a very large one on SkydriveBrambles

  habs2habs 10:44 28 Dec 2012

thank you all for your reply so quickly.

to be honest i had a look for dropbox website and found it a little bit expensive.

in microsoft skydrive for a year it cost around:$50 in dropbox in a year it cost $99

the same space 50GB

i downloaded skydrive desktop client,and tried to upload a file around 890MB,it looks fine(it uploaded fine).

please,do you think if i buy the extended storage 50GB,i can upload unlimited size to skydrive?

please can you tell me how to use skydrive step by step online,example from (

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs2habs

  Forum Editor 11:10 28 Dec 2012

"A message come up saying it exceed the 300MB."

That's because the maximum permitted file size for upload is 300Mb.

If you have the SkyDrive desktop app you can add files upto 2Gb in size to your Skydrive folder, and they'll be uploaded automatically, as you've discovered.

Buying more storage will not affect the 300Mb file limit.

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