please help me, I accidentky instaled nox

  billynoshoes 18:47 13 Sep 2017

sombody told me to install nox on my lapfop its malware i think znd i cant remove it... they said it was a android google play emulator

  Govan1x 19:10 13 Sep 2017

System restore or remove it from programs and features. Or download revo uninstaller and remove it using setting 4. Only remove the ones with the heavy black printing.

  billynoshoes 19:44 13 Sep 2017

i tried using hunter i direct it to the taskbar and press delete and i reset my pc and it comes back..

  qwbos 09:46 14 Sep 2017

What exactly have you downloaded, where did you download it from and why do you think it's malware?

I've never heard of nox other than in the context of emissions, and the only applications I can see are a game and an app player.

  wee eddie 12:10 14 Sep 2017

This is NOX and without prejudging it, it should work.

However, depending on which site you downloaded it from, you may have downloaded one, or more, PUPs.

First step , in my book, would be to run two free programs, Malwarebytes and CCleaner. I would also look through the list of the programs that you have installed and look for any that you don't recognise.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:50 14 Sep 2017

ADWCleaner from malwarebyes to get rid of PUPs

  QuizMan 13:01 14 Sep 2017

Nox is good. Works fine for me

  Archie44 03:21 19 Sep 2017

too nox or not too nox what is the question! lol

  geronra 07:07 07 Nov 2017

You may have downloaded that from a site that spreads malware through softwares. I downloaded Nox from and installed on PC following the given steps on that blog. I have no issues and it works fine for me.

  MJS WARLORD 09:52 07 Nov 2017

extra info on Malwarebytes......

If you have never used this program before you may not be aware of how it works , infections can be made up of several segments so malware bytes could show you that you have 8 infections but each infection can be made of several segments . If Malwarebytes finds anything you must do repeated scans until it finds nothing because it wont always get rid of everything on first pass.

WARNING.... be careful downloading Malwarebytes as their is a bogus program called malawarebytes ( spot the extra a )..... to make sure you have the genuine program download adwcleaner first then use the link on the bottom for antimalwarebytes.

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