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  Neil-321636 11:51 16 Jan 2003
  Neil-321636 11:51 16 Jan 2003

Whats the difference in performance between a Geforce 2 MX400 and a Geforce 4 MX440 (both 64MB) other than price? I've been offered a Geforce 4 MX440 for £59 + VAT. Is that reasonable. I've looked on DABS and there seem to be about 20 different GF4 MX440. Some have SE after them some have 8X and I don't understand. My PC has SDRAM would the cards marked DDR still work on it?

  powerless 12:03 16 Jan 2003

Go for the Geforce 4 MX440 it is a more modern chip than the Geforce 2. Your games will run faster...

8X is how fast the information travels to and from you card. Dont worry about 8X it wont make to much difference. Also your motherboard, the big sqaure thing inside your compuer has to support 8X...

Yes DDR will work with SDRAM.

  symmetry 12:04 16 Jan 2003

Hi Neilp. If you go here click here you will find a comparison between many graphics cards (click the benchmarks near the bottom, the 3d Mark2001SE benchmark is a good one to rely on) including the Geforce2 MX400 and the Geforce4 MX 440 (normal and 8x).

60 quid for a Geforce4 MX 440 isn't bad but there are much better cards out there for low prices. See if you can get a Radeon 9000 Pro or a Geforce 3.

I'm not sure what the SE stands for (could be special edition) but the 8x is the AGP speed that it can run at. 8x AGP means a card will run faster but it's a pretty new thing and since your motherboard runs older SDRAM I don't think you will have that ability, so 8x is not really worth it for you presently.

And yes, a graphics card with DDR ram will work on a PC that has SDRAM.

  Tog 12:11 16 Jan 2003

Do not get the 8X card unless you motherboard is capable of running an 8X AGP graphics card.

  bobbyp 12:20 16 Jan 2003

I' having the same problem. Started off looking at a GeForce4 Ti4200 but don't want to spend that much at the moment. Thought I'd go for £50-60. However, I understand that the MX aren't DirectX 8 compatible. Does this matter?

Currently have a Riva nVidia TNT 2 (and 1Mhz processor). What is the cheapest I can get that will improve MOA, SOF2 etc... When Doom3 comes out I will reassess.

Any help would be appreciated (it's driving me mad)

  Tog 12:36 16 Jan 2003

I am currently running the Geforce4 MX440 on 98SE previously with DX8.1 and now with DX9... no probs

  Neil-321636 13:12 16 Jan 2003

Thanks all for your advice

  'oppy 14:30 16 Jan 2003

Be carefull neilp, I have a nvdia tnt 64pro 32mb graphics card in a Matsonic mobo (taken over by "chips"I think), I wanted to upgrade to a Radeon 8500 128mb, wouldnt work, tried a g force 64mb, that wouldnt work either, had to send them back and get my money back, but had to pay postage and handling charges, so Im out of pocket and no better off.
My System 1600+ athlon XP home 512 check that your motherboard will accept and work on it before you buy, it looks like Ill have to change my mobo before I can upgrade......

  Neil-321636 14:33 16 Jan 2003

Cheers for the warning oppy

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