Please help me get rid of this virus!

  franksey 10:02 06 Aug 2013

I cannot download any files of the internet [like virus removal or malware removal] and I cannot open any attachments to any emails even if I know they are safe - please help its driving us insane. My son downloaded steam recently and perhaps this is the problem - we think we have uninstalled it but the problem remains - please help!

  franksey 10:22 06 Aug 2013

Also - micosoft security and defender are turned off and I cannot turn them back on.

  Jollyjohn 19:48 06 Aug 2013

If you use Internet Explorer as your browser either un install the update or un install IE8.

IE will then roll back to a previous version and remove any nasties that have hijacked your browser.

You should then be able to download Malwarebytes and run a full scan.

Also delete all system restore points and create a new one.

Do be prepared to do a re install of your OS, gather as much info about your setup and back up data. Do a virus scan before restoring data.

  Woolwell 19:59 06 Aug 2013

Steam if downloaded correctly and from the right site is unlikely to have caused your problem. Regrettably Steam is required to play some games.

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