please help me to get rid of this annoying pop-up

  BeeWee 16:14 17 Dec 2003

whenever i log on to the internet almost the whole screen is filled up by a
"generic error
my son's nickname
pop3 server unavailable. network problems?"

i have no network problems to my knowledge apart from this annoyance!
almost worse is another problem whereby a cheesy voice comes on pleading with me to sign up for bt yahoo broadband
any help to rid my pc of these 2 very annoying things would be gratefully received!

  BeeWee 16:59 17 Dec 2003

thanks but i have run adaware and spybot and they have come up with nothing relating to these 2 annoying things. the box pops up whenever i open my almost fills the screen with its own box

  BeeWee 17:57 17 Dec 2003

thanks again...i have had the google toolbar for a few weeks now. this isn't like a normal pop's like an error report directed at me...and i think it must be something to do with my son and yahoo (he swears blind he knows nothing)the message pops up thus:

generic error

[email protected]
pop3 server unavailable. network problems?

this is exactly as it appears (except it has my son's real nickname)

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