PLEASE help me complete my first HDD upgrade!!

  gartoye 02:27 07 Mar 2005

i currently have a 30 gb hard disk installed in my system which i use with windows xp, ive bought a 120gb hdd and am having trouble setting it up as my new drive. this is what i have done so far: ive added the new hdd as a slave to the spare slot on the existing hard drive ide cable and left my old hdd as master. when i restarted i couldnt see my new drive d: in my computer, so i partitioned it using fdisk off an old 98 boot floppy i found and formatted it. i now have drive d: in my computer on windows xp with 114gb of free space, but i dont know how to put the entire contents of c: onto d:. please help!, you may think im wet behind the ears, but i really thought i could just right click on c:, then copy and paste to d:, then remove the old drive, set my new hdd to master and bobs yer uncle! Evidently not, as im using the files im trying to copy. i guess it needs to be done in dos, but if so please give me complete idiot-proof instructions as i have little to no experience with dos (i mean REALLY idiot-proof, as in every keystroke) its taken me 3 hrs to get this far, PLEASE HELP!!

  Dorsai 03:38 07 Mar 2005

As you say, what you want to do has to be done from dos. Most, if not all, retail boxed HDD's will come with a utility to copy the contents of one drive to another.

As your new disk did not your best bet would be to visit HDD's makers web site, and download the software they normally ship with a new drive. For example click here if it's a Western Digital one.

Once you have the relevent program's, it's just a case of following the onscreen options. One of the options will be somthing along the lines (obviously) of 'copy disk'. Be very careful to copy the right way round, or you will end up copying off the new (empty) disk onto the old one.

  cyberphobic 08:18 07 Mar 2005

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