Marios 21:44 01 Jun 2005

Hello there,
we are going to buy a new TV / dvd recorder etc system as soon as we decorate our living room.
Will you PLEASE! share your knowlwdge and experience? i need to know:
1. what type of TV is the best? LCD, Plasma etc
2. where you think i should buy such a package from: eg Tiny? Currys? Asda? etc
3. which issue of PC Advisor had an article on flat TVs? I had it but cannot find it
4. Your own experience if you don't mind and any really worthwhile links to sources of information on the issue.

I would really be greatful if you helped.
Thank you all, Marios

  User-312386 22:28 01 Jun 2005

Hi there

Lets start with how much you have to spend (and please dont say as cheap as possible as that will not give us a guide) and what sort of space you have? Do you want 5.1 surrond sound as well?

  Marios 22:44 01 Jun 2005

not much space available, i'd say about 30 inch screen roughly and i will spend roughly again up to £1000

  Marios 22:45 01 Jun 2005

surround 5.1 as well

  Furkin 08:41 02 Jun 2005

To my mind, the Toshiba Picture-frame takes some beating, but I think the smallest is 32". I bought the 36" & it lives up to all my expectations, including 5.1 (plus other audio features,,,) 100 htz (for flicker free viewing),,, 5 in-put connections (3 x scart + component + a/v etc)
Basic DVD ? It's just a coincidence that I had already bought a Toshiba last year, though I got a Panasonic Recorder to compliment the TV. They make a terrific set-up.
As for Plasma ! I'm slightly disabled, & do watch a lot of TV. When I was searching, I heard many stories of Plasma being good for 'one-offs' but not necesserily for full time viewing. I'd love proof that I am wrong here, as i'd still like a plasma at some point.
Happy Hunting

  Graham ® 09:30 02 Jun 2005

You really need a DVD recorder with hard drive these days!

I have a Pioneer DVR-420H, but the 520H has come down to the same price, £275 delivered. The 920H has an HDMI connector, £789. Both at:

click here

High Definition TV (HDTV)is the latest thing. If you're spending that much, I would go for that.

Google for more info.

  Belatucadrus 10:00 02 Jun 2005

click here
click here
Richer sounds are always worth a look.

  Marios 20:12 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for your ideas. How do i choose between Plasma, LCD and the other types?

  Jackcoms 20:18 02 Jun 2005

This is a PC Helproom. How is this thread PC related?

  Marios 20:37 02 Jun 2005

The magazine, apart from PCs, also presents, reviews, suggests and advertises other types of technologies too. I have found the members of this helproom to have been helpful in the past on a number of technological issues (indeed primarily of a PC nature). If you know something i don't, please let me know so i don't waste resources i shouldn't.
P.S. Does it mean you don't have any idea what type of TV is the best nowadays? (not meant sarcastically).

  Jackcoms 20:58 02 Jun 2005

"If you know something i don't, please let me know".

Try this quote from the header at the start of the Forum:

"Got a technical query or a problem with your PC?"

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