Please help me allocate and optimize SSDs and HDDs!

  fanmattai 01:02 27 Dec 2014

So I have inherited a few storage options for use in my pc... and I could use a little help in understanding how to optimize said options.

I have the following: 120 GB Samsung EVO SSD, 1 TB WD Caviar Blue 2 TB WD Passport Ultra (external) WD Black2 Dual Drive (120GB SSD + 1TB HDD)

I want to keep my operating system on a fast SSD. And it is a pc for gaming, and as i understand it only certain load-intensive games benefit from being installed on a SSD as opposed to a HDD. And I intend to be recording/saving a lot of video/audio data as well. I also do alot of torrenting, upload and download.

My initial idea was to keep the EVO as my OS drive.. use the 2TB external as a place to store my recordings and footage for editting... and use the 1TB for personal storage of everything else.

But now i just recieved the Black 2 Dual Drive and don't know what to do with it. I'm no expert, and only know what i do from google research. I know of raiding together SSDs, but i've read in a few sources that the Dual Drive's SSD can't be raided.

Would anyone be willing and able to best suggest a setup for me? Where and how do i use each drive? Would recording with a capture card to an external (USB 3.0) be problematic? Would torrenting constantly on one of the drives be labor intensive to my computer? Am I asking the right questions?

Please and thank you!

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