Please help me!!

  User-1235010 11:45 09 Feb 2008

I know this has been done to death, but I am desperate for a laptop with a budget of 500 pounds.

Hopefully the laptop should have:
Intel core duo processor
Good for strategy games (nothing fancy games, just strategy games e.g. age of empires, football manager)
A 15.4 or 17" screen that preferbally is half decent for watching films on.
and just generally easy to complete work on using word, spreadsheets etc...

I would prefer not to build my own.

Please give me any advice you can.

  Marko797 11:46 09 Feb 2008

ebuyer, laptops direct, simply acer, dabs, misco, tesco?

  User-1235010 11:49 09 Feb 2008

Any specific links mate?
As you may have guessed, im not an expert.

  User-1235010 11:55 09 Feb 2008

How about this click here

  lisa02 12:10 09 Feb 2008

Please help me!

A better thread title would have been good, also posting in the right forum too.

Dell are doin excellent laptop deals at the minute!

  Totally-braindead 13:21 09 Feb 2008

You can't build your own laptop. In theory you could but its impractical as you would have to buy all the bits for a particular laptop and the cost of the parts would be much more than buying a complete unit. And when I say much more I mean maybe twice the price, maybe even more. Its not an option.

The laptop you linked to looks ok and it has 2 gig of memory which is essential with Vista really but as to whether it would play the games you mention I just don't know. Laptops graphics don't tend to be much good with games and although the games you mention are not particularly demanding you have to bear in mind that once you buy the laptop the grahics you have is what you are stuck with. It cannot be upgraded.

  User-1235010 13:32 09 Feb 2008


How about this one guys? click here

  citadel 13:45 09 Feb 2008

you need something like dell xps m1530 with a 8600m graphics card, you might manage the games you mention with a 8400m card.

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