please HELP ME!!!

  lizipants 13:43 24 Mar 2005

recently i purchased a dvd rw for my pc, its plug and play. i popped it in and at first i had trouble getting the comp to find it but managed it in the end and now i presume it works ok. BUT ... my comp is not registering that i have a cd rw its just vanished! ive tried all the troubleshooters and all that stuff in my comp but it just wont detect it. how do i get it back???

  TED1 13:44 24 Mar 2005

What OS is it? Win 98, XP?

  TED1 13:46 24 Mar 2005

Have you set the jumpers on the drive to be salve or master? does the bios recognise it?

  ventanas 13:52 24 Mar 2005

What other drives do you have in the pc. hdd's or optical. dvd-rw's like to be the master so its best on the secondry chanel as the master drive. If you already have an existing optical drive you may have to swap them around. If any existing drive is set to cable select, then set the new one to this as well. Master cables have a black connector, slaves a grey, and make sure they are pushed in all the way. My cd drive vanished once after installing a dvd-rw. Cause - I had disturbed the cable, a firm push and it came back again.

  lizipants 13:58 24 Mar 2005

have no idea what to do or what jumpers r? apart from being wooly! my os is xp

  TED1 14:04 24 Mar 2005

that could be your problem. You need the computer to know what and where is attached to it. Jumpers designate a drive Master, slave, or cable select, the drive you had already in should have been set to master, so you would move the jumpers ( little plastic pins at the back of the drive ) to the slave position ( stated somewhere in a diagram on the drive). This all depends on where you have IDE devices connected of course. You then need to go into the bios and make sure it can see your drive, if it can WIndows should recognise that the drve is there.

  ventanas 14:11 24 Mar 2005

click here for a diagram. This is for hard drives, but optical drives are no different.

  plsndrs3 14:16 24 Mar 2005

Here is a simplistic idea of what jumpers are & where they are. click here
This is only a guideline for seagate harddrives, but the basic will still be true for your optical drive and you will have to check for your specific brand of DVD/RW [use google & input the brand name followed by jumpers if you received no paperwork with the drive].



  plsndrs3 14:18 24 Mar 2005

Snap! :o)

  NinkyRudes 14:24 24 Mar 2005

click here for basic advice about what jumpers are etc. as we have been dealing with a similar problem here.

Also, please try to input more useful information into your thread title. I will be answered if you just put "HELP ME!!!!!!!!!" or the like as the title, but it won't be easy for the forum search engine to link other hapless individuals, with exactly the same problem, to this thread.

Good luck!

  ventanas 14:34 24 Mar 2005

Yep, great minds and all that :-))

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