Please help me!

  Fanianni 14:30 08 Jul 2004

Hello please please best advise me on how i can stop so many internet explorer pages loading on startup, i had this dial up controller on my pc to let me know if i get any1 dialling up that i dont know off but that kept on comin up every time all these pages kept on loadin and the dial up controller i have was in german, im not german, lol, anyway ive tried spybot, run a virus scan,used my reg cleaner and im too scared to come off again just incase it does it again,
plzzz advice
with regards sharon

  Graham ® 14:34 08 Jul 2004

First option, download and run Coolwebshredder

click here

  Fanianni 14:42 08 Jul 2004

Hi graham
ive already got cwshredder and its the only thing i didnt run but i have done it now any other advice

  Graham ® 14:48 08 Jul 2004

Has it solved the problem?

  Fanianni 15:09 08 Jul 2004

well i'm not sure weather it was the removal of the dialler controller that done it or the cwshredder, but so far so good ive restarted and its not happened yet but i'll leave this open post just in case.
thanx for ur quick reply

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