Please help! Loss of sound and PC running slow

  wishtobwireless 22:38 19 Apr 2007

I found I had lost sound, I ran a diagnostic test which failed. I then went to Microsoft and loaded Active X updates. Sound still lost. Last resort ran system restore. After third attempt the first two times it said it had not changed the system! I have restored the system to two weeks ago. Ran Adaware and skybot. But now PC running very very slowly, plus something seems to running in the background!(AVG is not running)
Should I do another system restore?How do I find out what is running in the background? Oh when I restored it said it had renamed a file Mozilla Firefox! I run windows, where would this file have come from Ugh! any simple assistance pls... Thank you in advance

  wishtobwireless 22:42 19 Apr 2007

After system restore sound is back! but as I say system sloooooow.....

  chocolate cake 22:45 19 Apr 2007

Right click on the taskbar and select task manager and then the 'Processes' tab. Can you identify what is running.

By the way when was the last time you did any housekeeping like clearing out your temp internet files?

  wishtobwireless 22:56 19 Apr 2007

It was a kodak software updater agent! I have closed it...
I clear out temprorary files most days...
When I ran skybot I had to fix a file Marketscore. Relevant Knowledge rlls.dll file, which means nothing to me!

  skidzy 23:13 19 Apr 2007

Can you give us the motherboard details please.

Download and run Belarc click here and look under multi media for the sound card them here.


Try the codec pack to identify any missing or broken audio codecs click here


If you have a disc called something like Drivers and Utilities or Motherboard disc install this and install the audio driver.

  chocolate cake 23:19 19 Apr 2007

It might be an idea if you're confident enough to run msconfig and stop all non essential programs loading on startup.

Start\run - type 'msconfig' and click on the startup tab. Scan the programs listed and disable any that are non essential. With the exception of AV, firewall and any other security programs they can generally be disabled.

This will possibly speed up startup ever so slightly and could prevent your PC running slow in future. It gives you the option to start the programs when you want them to.

Are you running any faster now?

  wishtobwireless 00:32 20 Apr 2007

And disabled the programs I understand! Upon opening skybot made 4 registry changes! hope thats ok... Does seem a little faster. I will download Belarc tmoz as got to be up early for work... Thanks guys for your help...
Helpless blonde!

  skidzy 06:50 20 Apr 2007

Can you please confirm:

Is this Skybot or do you mean Spybot Search and Destroy ?

  wishtobwireless 08:41 24 Apr 2007

I have run Belarc no problems found. Lost sound again after system restore last week...
Last night ran a further system restore (only one available to use) back to the 4th of this month. I have this morning run AVG, Adaware, Skybot search & destroy, CCleaner & made sure spywareblaster is up to date. I checked sound satrt sound works and Itunes, but not anything from the net! Realtek sound card state working properly! Also ran MSconfig again and didabled all start up programs eccept AVG...
Any further help appreciated...
Helpless blonde!

  wishtobwireless 08:43 24 Apr 2007

glasses ugh!

  chocolate cake 00:04 27 Apr 2007

This might sound daft and, judging from what you also say about sound being restored after a system restore may not be the problem but, have you made sure your cable are seated correctly in your screen?

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