please help laptop completely lights...

  mandy24 10:34 19 Dec 2011

Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite l45od-13x which is almost 3 years old. Last night I was using windows media player to watch a dvd. The program froze so i turned my laptop off. This morning I attempted to switch my laptop on, and nothing happened. By nothing, I mean the fans didnt even come on, neither did the light to indicate it had been switched on. Additionally, when I plug the charger into the laptop, the lights which usually come on to indicate that the laptop is charging do not. The charger works fine so I know thats not the problem. I have tried removing the battery and pressing the power button then replacing it. This has made no difference. Please help! Thank you!

  birdface 10:43 19 Dec 2011

Have you tried using it without the battery and just using the charger.

  mandy24 10:51 19 Dec 2011

yea, I have tried that too, still nothing.

  robin_x 11:11 19 Dec 2011

Hold jack pushed up down left and right to check for dodgy socket connection.

Flex the cable a bit at jack end and brick end to check for broken wires in the cable.

A light on the charger does not necessarily mean it is working either.

Or it could me a motherboard problem.

  mandy24 11:16 19 Dec 2011

hey, I just tried what you suggested, this has made no difference either.

  Jollyjohn 11:30 19 Dec 2011

Next step is to borrow a good, fully charged, battery if you can.

If laptop responds to good battery then it is a charging issue - either the charger or the connector in the laptop.

  onthelimit1 14:56 19 Dec 2011

How do you know the charger is OK? It sounds a bit as though it hasn't been charging the battery which is now flat.If there is a problem with the mobo, I would still expect the charge light to illuminate (not guaranteed, as the setup of the circuitry is different from one model to the next).

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