Please help I've turned my mouse scroll wheel off.

  Never again 21:49 01 Aug 2004

I was having a tidy (like you do from time to time), and installed and ran ccleaner and regseeker as advised in a previous thread for someones pc that was sluggish.

Now my mouse scroll wheel does not work in internet explorer or ms office, and I have to use the scroll bars, which is a bit irritating.

If I press the mouse wheel down I still get the arrowy thing happening but it wont scroll by turning the wheel.

Any suggestions??

  thms 22:01 01 Aug 2004

Try reinstalling the mouse driver.
CAUTION should be used when using any kind of cleaner software.

ALWAYS check what you are deleting.

  Never again 22:16 01 Aug 2004

I haven't got any mouse software - should I just remove the mouse in device manage and let windows detect it on reboot (I'm running win me).

  thms 22:31 01 Aug 2004

You could try that after all you have nothing to lose. You could also go to device manager and click on mouse and update driver.

  Never again 22:34 01 Aug 2004

Did the update driver route and selected the other driver as windows told me that I already had the best driver.

unfortunately it did not work.

No mouse wheel is bleeding annoying.

  thms 22:36 01 Aug 2004

What type of mouse is it you may be able to download a driver from the manufacturers web site.

  Never again 22:44 01 Aug 2004

its an old ms 1.1a intellemouse, so the windows drivers are included as they were listed when I updated the driver, but I was thinking - I also did the lazy cleaning thing with my fingernail on the mouse bars last night

Could I have damaged the mouse, after all its getting on as its nearly 7 years old?

I have a spare mouse at work I could try tomorrow.

  thms 22:44 01 Aug 2004

Don,t know if this will work, reinstall the origanal driver, go to control panel right click on mouse icon and select properties, see if there is anything there to set mouse wheel.

It is a long time since I have used a mouse with a wheel and even longer since I have used ME

  Never again 22:51 01 Aug 2004

Done it already I'm afraid.

I cant see any scroll options in control panel/ mouse.

How do you cope without a wheel?

  thms 22:55 01 Aug 2004

Try Here for latest download click here

  Never again 22:56 01 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help so far, but.....

Sorry - got to go (work at 5am) - back tomorrow

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