Please Help i cant figure this out

  shshap23 09:54 28 May 2013

I need to find out how to find someones email on a website that it doesnt display the email can anybody help me?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:02 28 May 2013

I think that most of here will not understand your question. Can you please explain more fully your problem?

  spuds 10:12 28 May 2013

If its a direct email, then you should find the address in the email header. If its an email address via say a webpage, then this should be provided if its a commercial website. if it isn't, then you might need to contact the originator direct via telephone etc (if telephone or direct mail address was provided).

As already been suggested, perhaps more clearer information from you, might help in resolving the problem you might be having?.

  Batch 10:13 28 May 2013

I'm guessing that what you mean is that you want to email someone (anyone) on a website that doesn't give an email link on the website.

I suggest you try sending an email to [email protected] substituting the name of the website for .

  Batch 10:14 28 May 2013

That didn't come out right, let's try again:

I suggest you try sending an email to [email protected] but substituting the name of the website for WEBSITE.COM.

  Nontek 11:35 28 May 2013

What website are you talking about?

  lotvic 13:16 28 May 2013

As per Nontek asked, which website is it? Copy the url and paste it on here so we can go to it and tell you what you have to click on. It may be a direct 'mailto' link or perhaps first you have to click on 'Contact Us'. There are various ways that websites display there contact details. Or if it is a forum like this one that does not display members email addresses and also does not have a PM private message facility you have to put your request to the Forum Editor who will decide whether to pass a message on or not.

  lotvic 13:18 28 May 2013

Edit typo: There are various ways that websites display their contact details

  Terry Brown 20:38 28 May 2013

On most sites there is a list at the bottom of the home page, that shows you site navigation and normally has a contact link.

Am I right in assuming you have bought something off this site that either has not arrived or needs to be returned?

Open the link to Whois, which gives the registered address of every site.

Who is

and it should give a registered address and contact.


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