Please help with home Network

  Chieftan 23:51 29 Nov 2005

Hi Folks,
Please can anyone help? I have been reading the forum for an hour and cannot find the soloution ...
I have a main desk top (Home PC) and a Tablet Pc (Pauls Tablet)

Home Pc runs XP home and Norton
Pauls Tablet runs XP tablet

I connected Home PC to the net and ran the wizard ... I then ran the wizard for Pauls Tablet.

The work group is defaulted to MSHOME for both machines.

The machines cannot see each other in My network places. I am able to disable Windows firewall on Home PC. The advanced tab on the Tablet is just not there???

Ipconfig when run on Tablet PC shows ip as I am able to ping this succesfully from the tablet PC

Ipconfig when run on the Home PC shows IP as this times out when I try to ping it

So, I have enabled this ip number to go thru Norton firewall ... no change .... I cannot work out what to do now!!

Can anyone help please and point me in the right direction?



  LastChip 00:19 30 Nov 2005

You are try to connect to disparate addresses.

Manually set your tablet to with a subnet of and see if that works.

If Norton includes it's Security suite, disable that too.

The only thing that puzzles me, is why you have two such different addresses. If the tablet is a business machine, that address may be set-up for company network use. If that is the case, create a new user profile and then use the "192" address for the new user. Log in as that user and try pinging the opposite machines address.

  Chieftan 00:32 30 Nov 2005

Last Chip ... thanks for your assitance so far...

How do I manually set the tablet to a new IP??.
There is no security on the tablet other than the standard XP firewall.
The tablet is very definatley aimed at a bi user ... and it will shortly also be installed on to my work network also ...



  Chieftan 00:40 30 Nov 2005

Its also probably worth me mentioning that the Network Connections area shows the LAN is in existance, but is is not visible in My Network places.

On the tablet ... Double clicking the LAN icon, selecting support shows Unavilable for all four of the numbers ... which doesn't seem right???

Once agian, I have no idea how to put it right


  LastChip 01:15 30 Nov 2005

If it follows Microsoft's normal methods, right-clicking the LAN icon and selecting Properties may be the way forward.

Alternatively, the XP Home machine will certainly follow that route. Right-clicking My Network Places; Properties and the same on Local Area Connection; Properties will take you to a screen that lists the Network services. Highlight the TCP/IP network card and select Properties. Now you can use a manual address of (say) with the same subnet as defined on the tablet PC. That is likely to be

The key to this is having the same address range on each machine. The range is defined by the subnet.

  Chieftan 15:18 30 Nov 2005

No, this doesn't do it .... changing the IP adresses means that I get a warning message pop up that reads "warning, there is an IP conflict".

The network is connected ... the properties shows how long its been connected and how much data has transfered ... I just cannot find anything to ANYTHING to click on to access it, from either computer.

I am a complete network newbie, and I just cannot work it out. I am asuming that the LAN connection and my network places are independant? ... I can turn on shared drives and folders, which I have already done, but the just dont show in My netowrk places ... when clicking on "view workgroup computers" after a long delay I get to see the name of the computer that I am working on, but not the alternative computer ...

Surely someone knows how to solve this??

  Chieftan 15:49 30 Nov 2005

T?he tablet is even now updating XP automatically .. so the network works .. but I cannot do anything wiht it ... canot see a drive or the other computers!!!


  Chieftan 16:07 30 Nov 2005

I have no idea why ... but it started to wrok and I can finally see the network!!!!

  LastChip 16:19 30 Nov 2005

So is this sorted now, or what?

  Chieftan 14:13 01 Dec 2005

Well, it worked for around 2 hours yesterday evening.

However, today, upon botting up, the tablet has "limited Connectiviy"

I cannot see the Gateway connection the Network connections.

XP offers to repair it ... but cannot .. any ideas???


  Chieftan 15:38 01 Dec 2005

OK ...

Having checked the TCP/IP I have amended the addreses manualy so that they are in the same range, and hey presto .. the network networks ...

However, the tablet will not connect up the the internet connectio.

There is no ?Gateway icon present, and there was yesterday .. the gateway addresses are blank in the TCP/IP boxes ... I have tried just picking a random number that matches for both machines ... but this isn't doing it ... so how can I get the correct Gateway numbers to allow the tablet acces to the outside world??


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