please help,with this hard disk.

  habs2habs 07:57 04 Aug 2008

Hi everyone

please i need your help.

I am so confused between(sata,sata1,sata2,esata)in hard disks.

I saw this link in click here

click here

I want to buy this hard disk as back up only,but so confused about those names above.

please what is the difference between them?

I want to buy an external enclosures,for this hard disk,which one do you recommend me,around(£10.00),please?

-this hard disk is sataII,what will happen if i buy enclosure (sata),will it work?

i hope to hear from you very soon,please

thank you so much

  Jim_F 08:31 04 Aug 2008

SATA1- 1.5 Gbit/s
SATA2- 3.0 Gbit/s

eSATA is a cable designed for external drives as the standard cables can detach rather easily and are more fragile.

More detail: nclick here

In theory the devices are reverse compatible (with a loss of performance) but there have been compatibility issues with specific devices.

I wouldn't go there unless I had:

1) SATA2 chipset on the mobo
2) eSATA connector on the case

Sorry I cant recommend an enclosure (I built my own) but these don't do too much with SATA except provide the power but there are multi-function (eg SATA & USB2) which I would avoid.

For cheap backup USB2 drives are hard to beat for cost and convenience but if you want the speed of SATA2 then I suggest buying drive and case from the same supplier provided they will indicate these are compatible

  Grey Goo 09:39 04 Aug 2008

These are excellent as a backup drive
click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 04 Aug 2008

Your drive click here

+ this case click here

will work ok

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