Please help guys - I'm desperate!

  Jakey boy 21:21 13 Nov 2004

No response to my last post click here and now I really am pulling my hair out. Both computers can ping each other, but only the ME "host" can see the files on the XP machine. I have even managed to transfer files from the XP to the ME, but no sign of the "host" in XP Network places. Disabled the XP (SP2) firewall and am running ZoneAlarm pro instead, on the XP PC. Have "Outpost" on the ME machine which has Internet ADSL access. Also, I can't for the life of me, remember how I access the internet using the XP through the ME connection. I really need help here folks! I've spent almost the whole week of a hard-earned holiday on this, and although I've made progress, I'm still not a lot farther on. HELP!

  jimv7 21:27 13 Nov 2004

Not being a network person I have no idea, but running different firewalls on each computer cannot help your situation, of course, unless others know different.

  jimv7 21:32 13 Nov 2004

As a thought, I do know of a company that will only use win me, having built several computers for them (me because of the software they use) pcillin anti-virus which comes free with their choice of motherboards, does knock out any attempt of networking,.

  Jakey boy 21:33 13 Nov 2004

Thanks for that. Not sure it would be an issue myself, but there are plenty forum members who could help, but where are they?

  rickf 21:37 13 Nov 2004

Keep bumping. Someone will come along. No expert on networking myself but I know how you feel. This post will also help to keep it on top.

  Jakey boy 21:39 13 Nov 2004

Thanks ^bump

  Jakey boy 21:41 13 Nov 2004

^ bump

  LastChip 21:51 13 Nov 2004

To troubleshoot ANY network problem, for starters get rid of all the Firewalls. They are the most common cause of network problems.

This is only while you get the network up and running and they will form an essential part of your network ONCE the network is stable.

It is essential, file and/or printer sharing is working correctly BEFORE concerning yourself with the Internet. So one step at a time.

You say you can ping each machine. How have you set up the IP addresses? Which range of addresses are you using? Which addresses are you pinging?

  Jakey boy 22:05 13 Nov 2004

Hi LastChip, thanks for responding. Yep, I know about the firewall issue, and set up the network with them all disabled. IP addresses are set up as follows for host (ME) (subnet and client (XP) Default gateway set as for host PC, (is this correct) and god only knows if file and printer sharing is set up correctly or not!

  Jakey boy 22:12 13 Nov 2004


  Jakey boy 22:15 13 Nov 2004

I've pinged the XP address from the ME machine successfully, and vice versa. I'm muddled now over the file/printer sharing, because I've mucked around so much with the settings on both machines, that I've lost my place through frustration. I'm sure you know what that's like?

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