Please help finding faulty component

  Alex Prost 19:30 30 May 2017

Recently I assumed that my videocard died. After surfing some forums I now have doubts. How do I know which one died/dying: PCE slot, PSU, or the Video card without being able to test the card in someone's PC? Symptoms: When I boot without the videocard using onboard graphics it starts normally.///// If I boot with the videocard in the slot but HDMI is still conected to the motherboard - i see the black screen with the blinking underscore(it doesnt boot windows/bios so maybe there is not enough power to power the HDD?)////// If i boot with the video card and the hdmi is in the video card - i get a few artifacts followed by a black permanent screen.////// So how do I know which one is it?

There is a good deal on the GTX 1060 6GB right now so I want to be sure that if I buy it it will not go to waste. Thank you

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