Please Help Find A Cheap Laptop

  Molly_Don 15:08 19 Nov 2008

Hello all

I'm having great difficulty trying to find a laptop as a Christmas present for a 12 year old foster child which will be used for homework, general browsing, music etc. etc. etc.

I'm totally confused by the technical info, the little bit I've found out is I need something around 2gb ram, I'm not fused whether it's XP or Vista, tbh, the difference means nothing to me, although I'd prefer it to be a decent screen size.

I've looked at sites that sell laptops, but tnh, I haven't got a clue what I'm actually looking at.

If possible I'd like to avoid places like Comet / Curry's / PC World etc., etc., I'm hoping someone can recommend a good deal around about £250?


  switchon 16:27 19 Nov 2008

Hi if you go to Micro direct they have a good selection under £300 something like a acer

  rawprawn 16:45 19 Nov 2008

If you can stretch your budget.This looks good to me, and it is from a well respected company Axses E15 15.4" @ £329
click here

  MAT ALAN 17:50 19 Nov 2008

click here

I've just bought two of these for my kids....

  Molly_Don 20:19 19 Nov 2008

Thanks every on for your advice

  Molly_Don 23:09 19 Nov 2008

Hi rawpan / Mat ALAN

There's £30.00 difference, can you please explain what the difference is between those 2 machines?

On the Tesco one, it says 299 clubcard points, I don't have a clubcard would that make a difference in the price?

  Graham. 23:51 19 Nov 2008

2GB Ram, I think, is not important, 1GB is standard for a laptop.

Ebuyer is good click here

  Molly_Don 00:48 20 Nov 2008

TA Graham, so I GB will be OK as I'm sure I've read on here some members saying 1GB not being sufficent, that's why I mentioned 2 GB.

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