please help file transfer

  pas68 13:17 28 Jun 2006

any help greatly appreciated on this,but go easy as quite a novice,ok here goes
I want to send large video files by e-mail,well large as in 3-4 mins long,i have compreesed using winzip but they are still too large over 100mb.i have tried the free file sharing sites but even though i have the fastest broadband i can get up to 8m it uploads very slowly,i do not mind purchasing software for the purpose of this but i really have no idea what to buy,also i would prefer not to spend me hard earned cash but such is life.I thank in advance anyone who can help

  GroupFC 13:27 28 Jun 2006

What format are the video files in?

You could try converting them into a different (smaller) format and see if that helps.

  pas68 13:32 28 Jun 2006

errm i think they are mpegs,i do not know how to cut them once created,they are from old videos converted to pc using roxio mydvd software,so they play on my pc with windows media player or real media player but,and sorry,i have no idea how to cut them

  ed-0 14:07 28 Jun 2006

Can't help with the conversion but the upload speed.

I think that you may have upto 8Mb download speed your upload speed will still be around 256Kb or 384Kb. So this would probably just upload to the servers at around 30Kbps. So a 100Mb file could take from 50 minutes to a hour and a half. I think?

Is it working at about that rate?

  pas68 14:20 28 Jun 2006

sometimes it takes up to 5hrs to upload to one of those sites,you get the odd day when it can upload in an hour but because i use their basic free package it can be awfully slow,maybe i will have to go down that route and pay for their premium sevices

  GroupFC 14:28 28 Jun 2006

You could have a look at this thread (which is along similar lines) - click here.

Of course depending on the nature of the videos they may need to be joined together again by the recipient!

  ed-0 14:28 28 Jun 2006

It's like most things on the net. If it's popular and the site hasn't a great bandwidth, then it doesn't matter how fast your connection is. I still get sites that download at under 10Kbps;-(

  MAJ 14:36 28 Jun 2006

I use JASP to split large files for email. click here It's free and works very well. It splits the large file into as many pieces as you want and also creates a small .bat file which you also email to your recipient. When your recipient receives all the file pieces, he/she then double-clicks the small .bat file to rejoin the parts into one file.

  GroupFC 14:58 28 Jun 2006

That looks useful - I am going to have a closer look at it tonight when I get home!

  MAJ 15:04 28 Jun 2006

yeah it is a useful little tool and it does just what it says on the tin. I forgot to say, when all the file parts have been received, put them all in a single folder along with the .bat file and double-click the .bat file to re-join.

  terryf 15:06 28 Jun 2006

Have you considered putting the files on CD/DVD and mailing them?

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