Please HELP! Fibre BB speeds, Negear R6250, SSE BB

  tismecarl 23:39 10 Nov 2015

I apologise in advance for the long post, I'm just desperate to try and fix the issue, I feel as though this issue is taking over. The internet is so important to us for work/college etc

I have SSE Fibre BB, that came with a Technicolour router), but the speeds were 75+MB then <1MB causing streamed TV/Playstation etc to freeze/buffer/stop.

What's been tried so far...

Replaced wires SSE sent a replacement but upgraded router - Same issue. BT changed the modem BT have changed the card at the exchange (I've no idea what this means, but they've changed it) I bought a TP Link TP-LINK TD-W9980 - Same issues. Now I have a Negear R6250.

When I do a speed test on the laptop it shows 60+MB most of the time, but I can't stream Amazon Prime on the TV as it says Insufficient Bandwidth. I can try to stream a YouTube video on my phone, but it will start and stop repeatedly, whilst the speed test says 60+MB

The equipment we use (in case it helps) BT Openreach Modem with Netgear R6250 Router

LG 55in 4K TV - Asus Zenbook x2 - LG G3 Sony Z3 DroidBox T8 Model Humax Freesat Box model 1000s - This one is wired (ethernet)

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