Please Help Dual Processor Ram Issue Maybe?

  barkerd7 21:27 04 Aug 2017

My PC has suddenly started cutting out when I start demanding applications the display cuts out but the computer is on and idling at low speeds one time it beeped 5 or 4 times I looked it up it said ram issue so I tested one by one but here is the confusing twist I have 2 cpus x5670s a GTX 560 Ti and 6x 8gb ddr3 Motherboard Model HP Z800 each cpu needs a stick of ram to itself and no matter what I try it just does the same thing one time it cut the display and came back but the application wasn't displaying anything invisible

  Menzie 22:30 04 Aug 2017

The display cutting out doesn't sound like the RAM to me. Usually RAM issues result in flat out crashes where a restart is required or the system not starting up at all.

Do you happen to have a different video card you can test with? If not has the drivers for the Geforce 560ti been updated recently? If they have it might be worth rolling them back.

  barkerd7 03:19 05 Aug 2017

It's ran fine before I don't think it's the PSU but I'm changing the GPU now to see if it helps

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