Please help! Disk space disappearing! Dying HDD?

  [DELETED] 10:40 07 Dec 2005


I posted the other day regarding the hard drive of my parents PC - click here
(Packard Bell iConnect 1200, running XP Home (originally ME)) as it all of a sudden lost disk space. I knew it had a invisible recovery partition (about 1.8GB) so used Partition Magic to make that usable. Cheers again to Chegs btw.

That got the empty hard disk space up to around 3GB. Today the C drive is showing just 52mb left!!!! What's happening? Is this the sign of a dying disk drive?? A virus or spyware?

I'm running a virus check again now. And will try and run anti-spyware check after - if there's enough space to run it!

ANY help at all would be fantastic! It all seems a bit strange to me! Clearly something isn't right.

Cheers in advance guys.

  [DELETED] 20:50 07 Dec 2005

I found this from click here


"Throughout the beta we've seen that certain installs of Microsoft
>Antispyware involve high CPU loads and significant impact on both individual
>apps and the general use of the machine.
>I'd recommend trying this set of steps to see whether it provides relief on
>a given machine.
>Beta2 will be quite different, I believe, but it won't be available before
>year end, if then.
>1) uninstall Microsoft Antispyware
>2) delete \program files\microsoft antispyware and all subfolders
>You will lose access to all quarantined items, history, and custom settings
>3) reinstall Microsoft Antispyware.
>This may fix a variety of ills. One easy thing you could check is whether
>the errors.log file in the \program files\microsoft antispyware folder is
>large. If so, delete it. Growth under earlier builds was uncapped and
>could be rapid--2 gig files under NTFS were possible. Growth of this file
>is now capped, so simply deleting it will fix that issue."

If you download and install the latest version you shouldn't get the same problem.

  [DELETED] 21:12 07 Dec 2005

Nice one. Glad it wasn't all down to me or my parents!

Cheers again.

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