Please help! Disk space disappearing! Dying HDD?

  webber_man 10:40 07 Dec 2005


I posted the other day regarding the hard drive of my parents PC - click here
(Packard Bell iConnect 1200, running XP Home (originally ME)) as it all of a sudden lost disk space. I knew it had a invisible recovery partition (about 1.8GB) so used Partition Magic to make that usable. Cheers again to Chegs btw.

That got the empty hard disk space up to around 3GB. Today the C drive is showing just 52mb left!!!! What's happening? Is this the sign of a dying disk drive?? A virus or spyware?

I'm running a virus check again now. And will try and run anti-spyware check after - if there's enough space to run it!

ANY help at all would be fantastic! It all seems a bit strange to me! Clearly something isn't right.

Cheers in advance guys.

  Chegs ®™ 11:13 07 Dec 2005

Turn off System Restore(then on again after)Check XP's "Virtual Memory Management" for excess allocated HD space(I turn off VM totally as I have 1Gb RAM)Check Folders(hidden ones especially)for additional resource hogging.If I think of anything else(other than CCleaner click here I'll let you know)

  webber_man 11:18 07 Dec 2005

Thanks again!

I did use CCleaner before and regained about 1.5gb. I'll do as suggested with the other bits.

  Chegs ®™ 11:29 07 Dec 2005
  woodchip 11:49 07 Dec 2005

As Chegs ®™ first post, plus check for viri

  Diemmess 11:55 07 Dec 2005

Hesitating to chip in when Chegs ®™ is trying to help.
We would all like to know what is occupying all that 10Gb (limited) space. If you browse through folders/properties across the whole HD you just might.... come across something that seems over size or unwanted.
For example XP might be too enthusiastic keeping every record of alterations and updates regardless... but that is new territory to me a 2K user!

  webber_man 11:58 07 Dec 2005

Thanks Chegs.

Done all that you have suggested but not much difference. Up to 270mb.

I just can't think where nearly 3gb of hard drive would have gone on 2 days!

  woodchip 11:59 07 Dec 2005

If it is Recovery that is grabbing the space set the % lower for the drive mine is set to 7% other partitions are turned of

  gudgulf 12:35 07 Dec 2005

Run Ccleaner again.......but before you do open its Options and click on the Advanced tab.Now remove the tick from the "Only delete files in Window's temp folders older than 48 hours"

This should remove more of the files that are buiding up on your hard drive.

Run Ccleaners Issues function as well to clean up the registry.

Have you found what the files are that are using all this space?

Sequoiaview click here should reveal any over large files and folders.

  Mytob 13:30 07 Dec 2005

Id like to pint out that if you are istalling a load of os updates and service packs from M$ then this will take up a shead load of space! Considering sp2 for xp re wrote 1/3 of xp this would take up a load of and account for about 700mb of room. With patches installed on the os you are looking about 800mb to 1gb! If you are stuck for a antivirus use clamwin click here. This is a open source one and does a rather good job considering ts totaly free. Be warned though it does not have on access scanning for files and wont scan anything over a certain user defined limit!

  webber_man 19:46 07 Dec 2005

Much appreciated as usual guys. All gave good advice but a big cheers to gudgulf. The link you gave for that programme revealed all!

And the bloody pain in the 'arris culprit was none other than...*drum roll* ..Microsoft AntiSpyware!!! The Error file at C:/Programe Files/Microsoft Antispyware was a whopping 2.97GB!!!! All gained in the past 2 days it seems.

I have uninstalled that now so (hopefully!) all should be ok.

Thanks all.

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