joeysmad123 10:56 13 Nov 2006

Hi,i need some serious help,my computer comes up with errors,and runs a bit slow,but the worst thing is it keeps turning itself off,i really wanna fix this problem but don't know where to start,have installed anti virus and got rid of virus's but computer still turns itself off,PLEASE HELP!!

  anskyber 11:00 13 Nov 2006

Is everything working OK? It could be an overheating problem, try looking inside to see if the fan is working OK and there is not dirt getting in the way.

Can you help with the type of error messages you are getting?

  joeysmad123 11:09 13 Nov 2006

nah there is lots of heating and i can hear the fan spinning fast,i checked the temp on bios and it looks normal,my partner tinks its the ram but i dnt know how to check,i have no floppy drive on my comp.

  joeysmad123 11:10 13 Nov 2006

i get errors just saying that what ever im running .exe has caused an error.everyting does dat after abit.

  RobCharles1981 11:16 13 Nov 2006

Try the following

Have you got your xp Disk and goto Start - Run and in the box type sfc /scannow make sure your xp disk is in the drive.

Cleanout any temp files with ccleaner click here


  joeysmad123 11:18 13 Nov 2006

i got windows 2000 professional

  Gongoozler 11:25 13 Nov 2006

"installed anti virus and got rid of viruses". In my experience, when a computer gets like this it's often easier to reformat and do a clean reinstall. Viruses are only part of the problem and all kinds of other malware are often lurking on an unprotected machine. You could try running Ewido from click here, but even that may not find all the nasties.

  joeysmad123 11:30 13 Nov 2006

i forgot to mention dat when the computer turns itself off,when i turn it bck on it says der is no hard drive,so i have to power off den on at the back and restart computer for it to work again.

  Gongoozler 11:34 13 Nov 2006

That sounds more likely to be a hard drive fault. You can get a new drive for about £30, fit your old drive as slave and you can then recover all your saved files. You will still need to reinstall Windows but a clean installation should get the computer running at full speed again.

  joeysmad123 14:50 13 Nov 2006

but i have 2 drives,one in use and the other not,i tried using da other one but same thing happened.

  joeysmad123 14:51 13 Nov 2006

just wanna say thank you 4 everyone trying to help me

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