atwitsend 13:57 27 Sep 2006

Right this problem has been driving me mad for days!!! So please excuse me if i start to rant! I have asked so many people for help but most people seem to have as much of a clue as i do...which is very little help!

OK...I had a major virus problem (cured now so please done suggest wonderful virus programmes I have plenty) But this has messed up my pc. I can no longer access the internet with internet explorer or for that matter mozilla firefox which someone suggested i try. It seems the problem is not with the browser its self but with windows xp? I tried a fix someone gave me and it came wanting a file IEXPLORE.EXE from windows xp and was looking in c:\windows\inf\i386...but there is nothing in that folder?

So I just downloaded new drivers for my modem at someones suggestion, didnt think it would help but afterwards got a box come up with local area connection or no connectivity, clicked repair came up renewing your IP address then could not finish renewing your IP address. Under Network connection details, Default gateway, DNS server and WINS server are all blank, have no idea if this is normal or not?

I have AOL and can access the internet ok with this until I want to log onto internet banking or sign into certain sites or pay for anything, im assuming all these actions need another browser?

Is there ANY way to sort out the problem of the missing iexplore/or files or get one of the browsers to connect to the internet without reinstalling windows xp (as i dont have the disc)???

Sorry for the long mail.....but HELLLPPPP!!

thanks :o)

  VoG II 14:15 27 Sep 2006

Try this click here

  gudgulf 14:17 27 Sep 2006

Try unning WinsockFix click here for starters.

Removal of some types of malware can break your internet connection...this tool will rebuild it.

Then try repairing IE click here

For FireFox uninstall and then reinstall the latest version click here

  Jackcoms 14:52 27 Sep 2006

"please done suggest wonderful virus programmes I have plenty"

Exactly how many AV programs are you using?

You only ever need one, otherwise they will conflict with other and possibly cause other problems as well.

  atwitsend 14:57 27 Sep 2006

Thanks for your help...tried the winsockfix, then ie repair, again i was asked for the file IEXPLORE.EXE on windows xp home edition pack 2 cd...again looking in c:\windows\inf\i386.....where can i get that from?

  atwitsend 15:05 27 Sep 2006

ive only got one now thanks jack, was just trial and error getting rid of all the spyware and viruses, took over a week as they kept coming back! Had 900 items at one count

  Totally-braindead 15:20 27 Sep 2006

Just a suggestion but if your PC was as badly effected as you say then if a repair of Windows doesn't help then a blank and fresh reinstall may be the easiest option.
I spent a few days trying to sort out a badly affected PC last year and in the end gave up and reinstalled anew, but the person concerned had backups of everything they needed.
Just a thought.

  gudgulf 15:24 27 Sep 2006

Do you have a Windows disc or a syatem recovery disc.

After such a radical cleanup or your hard drive you may be better of backing up all your documents and formatting/reinstalling from scratch.

It is the best way of being sure your Windows installation is intact and malware free.

  atwitsend 15:25 27 Sep 2006

I dont have the windows xp disc so i cant do that, I dont think it is a major problem, I think there is a missing bit from IEXPLORE, I know absolutely nothing about the inner workings but I cant see why you cant get hold of the missing bit and put it back? Sounds logical enough to Why cant they make a piece of software that compares the files you have with the ones you should have and replace them?


  atwitsend 15:27 27 Sep 2006

Also have lots of graphics programmes on here with no discs, so starting from scratch really would be! Was just hoping there was another way

  VoG II 15:30 27 Sep 2006

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