please help with broadband

  habs 22:08 17 Jan 2005

Hi everyone

Please i need you help as soon as you can if you don't mind.

Today my phone line is been activated for broadband. I set up everything to be able to connect to broadband:
I choose :
connect using broadband connection that require a username and password.

In the end when i try to connect an error come up saying: error 769 the specified destination is not reacheable.

Then i create another account but i used: connect using a dial up modem(eventhough) i am using broadband, and the dial up number:0,38, i was so chocked (it does work), i was able to connect to the internet.But i am so afraid, i don't want to get says: speed 2.2 mbps .

On dial up modem properties it says:connect using:ISDN channel(alcatel speedtouch ADSL pppoe)

-How this happened?
-why doesn't work when i choose: connect using broadband connection that require a username and password

But it does work on dial up modem.

can somebody please tell me what does that error means,and how to fix it?

If i am using dial up modem, do i get charged ?

Can you please help, i am sure i will get help from you.

Thank you so much for your help in advance

  mattyc_92 22:11 17 Jan 2005

Are you on AOL??? 'casue "0,38" is a AOL number!!! I am on broadband, but I still have to "dial" the contection (usually takes 2 seconds) and there is nothing to worry about!!!

  Graham ® 22:17 17 Jan 2005

First, 0,38 is a typical broadband 'code' to access broadband. You will not be charged.

The Alcatel will mention ISDN.

You seem to be connecting at 2M, is this what you signed up to?

To be sure, disconnect the dial-up 56k modem.

  Graham ® 22:23 17 Jan 2005

Also see click here

  Chezdez 22:27 17 Jan 2005

ok, so your using the thomson speedtouch 330?

when you set up your connection go start>control panel>network connections> new connection,

then choose 'connect to the internet',

and then 'setup my connection manually',

then 'connect using dial up modem',

enter your ISP's name in the first box

enter 0,38 on the next page,

now, enter all your username, password etc etc

tick the box making it the default connection, then the box for shortcut (if you want one), then finish

easy peasy, and no, you won't be charged, the 0,38 is the standard VPI/VCI for england (don't worry bout what they mean or do, quite complex)

have fun!

  Chezdez 22:31 17 Jan 2005

one more thing, i just changed over from the speedtouch 330 to a router/modem/switch, and now i don't need to bother 'dialing-up' :P

  habs 22:36 17 Jan 2005

I would like to thank you for the quick reply i received from all of you.This is what it called help.

I am using plusnet,2.2 mbps.the phone number is:0,38 as i mentioned before.

Thank you, you make me relax now about if i will get charged.

again thank you for all your help

  roy 22:42 17 Jan 2005

If you are at all worried why not disconnect your dial up modem from your BT connection or even remove it from your pc. The only reason for keeping it is if you want to send faxes.

  Chezdez 22:44 17 Jan 2005

its not actaully a phone number, because if you 'dialed up', you'd be interfering with your voice phone line.

i really really can't think of an easy way of explaining it, but the main thing is that your up and running!!!

  Graham ® 23:08 17 Jan 2005

I am on Plusnet, also. Take a look at their forums.

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