please help,Is AVG anti virus any good

  bibo1465 09:44 30 Apr 2005

hi everyone

Please i need your advise. I am usin AVG antivirus free edition personal use.

-Is it good antivirus as norton?
-I am thinkng to buy the AVG antivirus $33.00,about £21 pounds,because if i need any help i will get reply from there technical support?
-was it worth it to buy the AVG antivirus?

I have Zone alarm free XP SP2.

Another question please,which utilities do you recommend me to download, free utilities if possible, roughly the same as Norton systemworks (one button check up)?

Because if i have any problem i will be able to fix the problem.

I hope to hear from you soon.

My kindest regards

  Joe R 09:52 30 Apr 2005

I have been running this A/V for a few years now, and have never had any problems.

this link will let you know what other forum members think. click here

for free utilities. click here

  Diodorus Siculus 09:54 30 Apr 2005

I don't think that you will need to pay for the support; if AVG is set to scan imcoming mail then it is unlikely to let in any virus. Along with a decent firewall you will be fine.

Avast is an alternate AV program - and one that I have a preference for.

  Joe R 09:57 30 Apr 2005


Just reread your posting. It is the free version I use.

  keith-236785 09:58 30 Apr 2005

i use the free avg anti virus and have done for some years now, it has saved me several times and always seems to work.

people say you get what you pay for, if you want to pay for the pro version then thats up to you, but in the 5 or 6 years i have used AVG i have never needed to contact them.

i do have Zone Alarm pro (paid for) version because i have a home network, ZA has also protected me well over the years.

As for the comparison between avg and norton, Norton has ALWAYS given me problems whenever i have tried to use it, maybe i have been unlucky but problems have ranged from stopping a system shutting down, virus infection, internet connection blocked and reported as virus infected when it wasnt. to list a few,

also norton ghost caused me problems resulting in me temporarily "losing" a own fault that one though, i didnt read the manual. ( the manual did not help get the partition back, i had to work that one out myself)

best thing to do is to try each them both, one at a time and see if

1. they both work.

2. you prefer one above the other.

3. you have no problems running alongside ZA.

it really is down to personal preference and usability. as you intend to pay for the anti-virus, compare the prices for the product and updates, (normally 1 years updates) and also for the renewal fees.

good luck

  Wak 10:00 30 Apr 2005

Hi Bibo, might I suggest that BEFORE you start paying for an A/V program you have a try with Avast from click here
I used to use AVG but have used Avast for the past three years.
It's FREE but you have to register (which lasts for a trial few months) and then you re-register and that lasts for about 14 months.
It also automatically updates itself.
I also changed from Zone Alarm to the Sygate Personal firewall which is good and also FREE.
What suit one person doesn't always suit another but the above programs are certainly worth testing before paying for programs which some people also have problems with.

  dogbreath1 10:02 30 Apr 2005

When you look round the boards, the concensus seems to be that free is good enough and the best two free AV products are Avast and AVG. If you can't decide between the two, instal both. As long as one is working in real time (Avast in my case)and the other is used as an ad hoc scanner (I use AVG) you can have the best of both worlds. I have a BB connection and in the above format, both progs auto update and operate well together. Pay for AV? I think not!

  russmini 10:04 30 Apr 2005

As said by others, i use this A/V, since about the second week of being part of this forum / rabble, it does seem to bo the a/v of choice around here. Although there are people like Diodorus Siculus who like avast, to be perfectly honest i do have both, and i suppose it is down to personal preference, both extremely good.

As for paying for the advise, why, just post your question here and will get answered for FREE, usually a lot quicker as well than having to wait for the appropiate companies response.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:05 30 Apr 2005

[quote]If you can't decide between the two, instal both. As long as one is working in real time (Avast in my case)and the other is used as an ad hoc scanner (I use AVG) you can have the best of both worlds.[/quote]

Not often seen that advice? Not so long ago, such would be a no go. Has thinking changed?

  bremner 10:22 30 Apr 2005

The advice has not changed.

It is not recommended that you have two active antivirus programs running at the same time. They may conflict and will both require memory resources.

However if you have one active and one merely passive i.e. it is not running and is only used occasionally as a fail safe, then this will not cause problems.

  Indigo 1 11:19 30 Apr 2005

I use AVG pro on one machine with XP Pro Sp2 with Zone Alarm Pro and Avast on another with XP SP1 and AOL, neither has ever given any problems and both are simple to set up and use (Avast is slightly easier and has a nicer GUI).

I did have a minor problem when I uninstalled AVG to try Avast but was simple to fix by putting it back. In my 3 years of using them both I have only had one Trojan get through and this was when I tried to change over to Avast.

Don't forget your Anti-spyware too.

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