Please help - Auto brightness

  EQdnb 14:54 30 Jul 2014

This is driving me mad, and it drove me mad last time and I can't remember how I fixed it. I have just installed windows 8.1 on a new PC with an LG 22EA53 monitor and Nvidia Geforce 650 Ti. I don't know which of these is causing the problem but my screen keeps changing brightness depending what is on the screen and it is driving me nuts. I had this problem on my old PC but I cannot remember the solution or if it happened on purchase of win 8.1 the GFX card or the monitor. I have tried several solutions from Google and none have worked. I have tried: turning off 'enable adaptive brightness' in power options (was already set to off) disabling almost everything to do with the gfx card on startup checked every menu I can find on the monitor and a couple of other things I have forgotten.

I know this can be fixed as I did so with a solution I found through Google on my old PC, but am having no luck and am hoping one of you can please save me!


  Woolwell 15:38 30 Jul 2014

Could be a monitor setting. Have you looked under any power saving settings?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:11 30 Jul 2014

I think that might be dynamic contrast at work. You will need to look in the monitor's settings, using the buttons on the monitor, and turn it off.

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