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  janeme 13:06 18 Jul 2008

could someone help me please,ive had a serious problem regarding a blue screen & was advised to get new ram,but someone else said try a windows re-install first,now the laptop is a gateway mt6825b,1gb ram 100gb hard drive windows vista home premium,wireless,mobile intel 945gm graphics,
Now this is what i did i read my manual & followed the instructions,it said there is a partition on the hard drive with a backup on,i had to press f8 at start up & i had a screen with lots of options i was told to click on the one that said repair my computer (this is the one that is a partition & has a recovery backup on)now once i clicked this i had two options re-install the operating system or do a full factory install, so i done the first one as i needed all my files,but then it said there is already a copy of windows on this hard drive do you want to rename this to windows old,so i did & now this is where ive gone wrong (so ive been told) they said i should of copied it over the top of the old windows already installed,so i followed the instructions of my manual again,but when i press f8 now i dont have a option to repair the computer & ive been told even though the partition with the recovery backup is still there i cannot access it as it was on the other windows which was renamed windows old,now i want to do a factory restore but cannot because of this problem, is there anyway i can get back the windows,that i renamed windows old,so then i would be able to do a factory restore,& get the machice back to the way it was when i bought it,i cant get in touch with gateway as my warranty finished about 6 months ago,thank you..

  JanetO 13:53 18 Jul 2008

Can you boot up anyway? Do you now have 2 operating systems? If you can go to Control panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery, and see if you have 2 options in dropdown menu. If you do select the 2nd to boot from and try restoring to factory settings from there.

  ronalddonald 14:08 18 Jul 2008

I cant advist what to do with visa but i can make this suggetion:
Please do you self a favour. Always back up data onto a pen drive - all personal file onto a pen drive, a 4gb is worth its weight in gold.

Also buy an external drive to back up data. If you had to reset visa you know that the files would be safe on another drive.

Now im sorry you have lost the data you had on the computer but do this as habit after the computer is sorted out. Also get a laptop computer since laptops tend to over heat.

Little things that can help that everyone overlooks.

  janeme 14:38 18 Jul 2008

Thank you,ronalddonald, & JanetO, i can boot to windows vista but only have one choice of windows vista,like i said i had to rename the other windows (windows.old) so in my c:\ drive now i have windows & under that i have windows.old ? so i realy dont know what to do now :( thank you..... Jane

  janeme 21:15 18 Jul 2008

Sorry to ask again, but can anyone offer me more advice please. thank you ..Jane

  iqs 21:31 18 Jul 2008

so you don't have a dual boot setup,vista boots successfully,and you can see the second version of vista you installed as a folder in my computer.Is this correct?

  iqs 21:34 18 Jul 2008
  gazzaho 21:39 18 Jul 2008

In the latest issue of PC Advisor on page 127 that mentions a Rescue Windows Boot Disk. It's for people who don't have the physical Windows disk to perform a repair of windows. you download the ISO image and burn it to disk then boot with it and see if you can repair the windows installation. you could try using that it's at this location.

click here

If you don't have software to burn an ISO image the program is at this location.

click here

I don't know how much help this will be as I haven't had to use this myself but it might help.

I hope you get it sorted.

  bluto1 22:37 18 Jul 2008

I don't know if this works with Vista as it does with XP.
Do you know anybody with a Vista Home Premium?
If you do then ask them to lend it to you so you can get your system working. You will have to use your own product key when required. That should be attached to your PC somewhere.
I'd like to think that you're trying gazzaho's idea now. Best of luck and hope you are up and running soon.

  bluto1 22:38 18 Jul 2008

Amendment list No. 1 after ...Premium insert disc.

  woodchip 22:44 18 Jul 2008

I would have thought to Start By tapping F8 then choose Command Prompt Delete the New Windows Folder and rename the Old.Windows to Windows

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