Space_sticks 13:34 28 May 2004

I love gaming and currently own a patriot 2450 2.4ghz pentium, 512mb ram, sis 650 video card and sis sound card laptop. So far, I've enjoyed my gaming experience on this computer however time has come where its now unable to support the games like: Call of Duty, Doom3, Lord of the Rings, etc.
Does anyone know whether: 1) Which would be the better of the two, be it this machine or if I do decide to get a better laptop, Nvida or Radeon (and if possible, why)?

2) I can get a graphics card installed for this machine or does anyone know the phone number to the Patriot company(I don't have the manuals here in the UK)

Thanks for the help.

  jonnytub 13:48 28 May 2004

I too also have a laptop which does'nt allow me to play any kind of graphically challenging game. This is why i have my desktop. As for upgrading your graphics card it's just not possible in a laptop as i'm sure there integrated onto the motherboard. The only part i know of that's upgradeable on a laptop is the memory, howver you may have reached your max at 512, you'd have to check the manuals which you don't have and i can't find anywhere on the net.

With regards to the graphics card i have always prefered radeon cards, no particular reason.

  The GnoMe 14:16 28 May 2004

hi i found that the best thing to do is to buy a games console such as an xbox. these are soley made for games and much better than computers for playing on. I now have a laptop, router, xbox for xbox live.... brilliant

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