Please Help?

  Rickyv 18:17 15 Nov 2003

Hi guys,

My computer specs are:

850Mhz Athlon
128mb pc133 memory
128mb geforce fx 5200
5.4gb 5400rpm ata100 hard drive
(not sure what m/board)
windows 98

For quite a while now my computer hasnt been working properly. It has been very slow, and crashes frequently. How can i start again from scratch, so there is nothing on my computer at all, so i can install windows again and get rid of any hidden unwanted files. Please help.

Thank you

  Diemmess 18:24 15 Nov 2003

You seem all set for a format and new windows installation...............There are huge numbers of postings that deal with the details of this but do please consider some more RAM before SDRAM becomes expensive and goes off the market.

There will be a significant improvement with another 128 MB. Less so as you approach the maiximum of 512Mb for Windows 98, but another 256Mb together with what you have, should help a lot

  VoG II 18:25 15 Nov 2003
  Joe McG 18:27 15 Nov 2003


If you are doing a completely new install, do an fdisk before formatting your hard drive.

This will return your H/D to as near it's original state as is possible.

Dont ignore the possibility that many of the crashes could be hardware related, When you clean out all the software take the time to give the hardware a blowout and and make sure all the connections are tight (this would be a good time to instal the new memory that Diemmess recommends). Make sure all all the memory is well seated, take it out and pit it back in again to clear any oxidisation. your system is quite old with a hungry new agp card so it could be that your power supply unit is starting to strain a bit, you should consider replacing it.

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