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  [DELETED] 00:48 23 Sep 2003

So I went to my sisters house to "help sort" her pc out..... this generally means clearing temp internet files, virus scans, clear histories etc and a defrag. On this occasion I did a spy sweep also and found a long list of "spies".... I promptly deleted these and then all the brown stuff hits the fan. I could no longer get the pc to restart, I was forced to re-install windows which (thank god) gave me an active desktop to work with, everything looked normal at first but the internet wouldn't connect (cable modem), then I could see lots of files in the recycle bin, I thought these may have been something I had accidentally deleted and so restored to their original position, but this didn't help. Many of the applications are now NOT working... sometimes the resulting errors say there is a .dll failure. I didn't have time to see the full damage (got out of there asap!!) but it really seemed that most applications wouldn't work... e-mail, internet.
The operating system is windows 98 connected through a cablemodem.
Does anyone have any ideas what I've done here... and what to do next??
Thankyou in anticipation....

  [DELETED] 01:02 23 Sep 2003

Regarding the internet connection to your sister's ISP, then it may just be a matter of using the correct username and password and checking the settings of the modem, same for e-mail.

The missing .dll's will probably be to programs that your "Spyware" program removed, that will explain why applications are not working.

If it's really as bad as you say, then it might be better to install windows again then all the drivers and programs, it really depends on how much she has on the drive that she can not afford to lose. j.

  Terrahawk 01:12 23 Sep 2003

with regards to dll files if you can identify which are missing you may be able to replace them from click here as for the rest i would have to agree with Djohn

  [DELETED] 02:17 23 Sep 2003

I really appreciate your comments,
many thanks

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