Please give your opinion

  wiz33 15:22 12 Apr 2009

I have just finished building this site and I would appreciate your comments:

click here

Thanks in advance

  Kemistri 18:25 12 Apr 2009

The mark-up and CSS are not valid. It fails basic WAI and 508 accessibility standards checks. It breaks if images are off but CSS is on. It breaks if JS is blocked or unsupported.

One of the most basic and obvious mistakes that relate to two of these issues is an anchor background colour that matches (rather than contrasts to) the anchor text colour.

It lacks white space, which makes it cramped. That HTMl form, for which fm has rightly been critical, does not even have a title. That is SEO 101, so back to school methinks! "Our Services" is positioned and styled as a link, but is not: that is a basic UX (usability experience) error.

As fm pointed out, why the inaccessible JS banner? Where is your H1 text? Why is "Corporate Services" a span instead of an H2 (which would follow on from an H1)?

  wiz33 07:30 14 Apr 2009

I like to thank you both for your comments and your advice is taken on board.

Back to the drawing board to correct my mistakes.

Thank you again for your comments.

  Taff™ 07:57 14 Apr 2009

This thread caught my eye for some reason so I`ll put in my two penny worth! You need to get someone to go through the entire text systematically. The most obvious spelling mistake is "Occassions".

Another irritation is the inconsistent use of justified text. Take the "Special Occassions" page as an example. First paragraph justified, the rest isn`t. You also miss out punctuation marks on the Airport page between Dover and Southampton. You have capitalised "Cruise Port" but not "airports" and it should be plural to match.

"Our professional chauffeur will pick you up from your place; take you to your destination and return to take you home or wherever you wish to go next" apart from the incorrect punctuation there`s a lot of "you" and "your" in one sentence. A simple rewrite will correct it.

Only my personal opinion, but I was always taught that repeating a word in a written sentence is usually unnecessary. For example:

"Whatever the occasion, we guarantee to provide you with personal care and attention on your special occasion" (Just delete from attention)

"spend the day relaxing on a spare day" could be "spend a spare day relaxing" for example.

I suggest you task someone to go through it page by page and make notes on what they find "wordy" or just irritating. They`ll probably spot the typos as well.

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