please give your comments on my website!

  jgosden 18:49 21 Jul 2004

Hi, i have just finished coding this website and it is current sitting on a test section on the website while it is well.. tested. I just wondered whether you had any thoughts and contructive critism about the design. I have written quite a few websites before but find that by having someone else looking at the site they will pick up something i will have likely missed

the site is.....

click here

  Forum Editor 19:11 21 Jul 2004

although it does rather remind me of a popular web forum software - it's the blue colour I think.

I'm an advocate of small font sizes for web sites - I hate seeing pages with all 10 or 11 point text, but I wonder if in your case it might be an idea to snitch the font up a point - at least until you have more content? It's not a big thing, but some of the text looks a little lost on an otherwise empty space.

Perhaps if you had a few more images it would improve the look, and tend to help hold readers on the pages?

These aren't major design flaws - you've done a good job - but maybe there's room for a little tweaking now, especially where images are concerned. A nice picture of the church itself on your homepage wouldn't go amiss, and one of the interior would be good too - especially if your church is an older building with stained glass etc.

  Forum Editor 17:39 22 Jul 2004

'partniship' should be 'partnership'.

  Gaz 25 20:27 22 Jul 2004

Umm, FE is right...

Looks like Invision Board, lol.

Suggest you watch out on that!

could do with something in empty space in left hand corner but other wise pretty sound

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