Please don't hijack other peoples threads

  Totally-braindead 15:01 04 Jan 2005

I've noticed 3 times in the past week people asking their own questions in other peoples threads and wish to ask people not to do this, its very annoying when you're trying to help someone, for another person just to barge in with their own question. As well as this being annoying I would also like to point out that if you start your own thread about a problem or query you have you will be emailed when someone replies, whereas if you jump in to someone elses thread you won't know if you have been offered help or not. I presume the people who have done this are new to the Forum and just don't realise this, sorry if I sound like a bit of a nag but its very distracting when someone jumps in with another problem and hijacks someone elses thread.

  mattyc_92 15:03 04 Jan 2005

I agree, it is not fair on the person who actually has created the thread and needs help!!!

  jack 15:08 04 Jan 2005

Concur BD
This happened to a thread I was tryng to help yesterday.
Plainly the miscreant does not know the eticat of this site or appreciate the confusion such activity causes especially as in his case the question was strictly another topic.
I tried to sort it but I believe I could have made it worse- because I wound up getting replies to the miscriants question.

I think all we can do here is to address the indiviual in the thread they hijacked and tell thme to start another thread - or take the envelope route.

  THE TERMINATOR 15:22 04 Jan 2005

Here, Here, You're absolutely right mate. As well as what you have said, it is because some people(not always novices) are that impatient that they want to get their problem put in where it can be seen and not wait their turn. What is needed, is for them to be ignored if they do this, then they might get the message....TT

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