Please Confirm If This Is a Motherboard Fault

  special sophie 18:12 20 Feb 2003

I mrecently posted a thread click here about a modem problem i was having I thought I had solved the problem and If you quickly read through the link you will see why. Now what has happened is that the external modem is not working and I have tried the other modems that I installed into my sisters PC on my own PC and they both work fine so I'm thinking Motherboard fault or perhaps a memory problem please advise Thanks x

  jimv7 18:19 20 Feb 2003

In control panel/modems is the device shown as working ok via the modem diagnostics.

You could also remove the modem from device manager and restart computer. If it now finds the modem reinstall it.

  special sophie 18:23 20 Feb 2003

I've done all that but thanks I have tried everything to make these modems work in my sisters system but they just wont work but they dial out fine in my system which makes me think it is a motherboard problem. There has been a no keyboard error also which is solved by pulling out the keyboard and plugging it back in.

  special sophie 18:34 20 Feb 2003


  special sophie 18:49 20 Feb 2003

Help please

  BrianW 19:05 20 Feb 2003

Hi Sophie - hope your own system continues to be healthy. You've probably been here, but - assuming your modems are plugged into a serial port have you checked that the serial port settings are OK? I have found that this is one of the more common reasons that people get this sort of problem, best wishes, Brian ;>{}

  special sophie 19:48 20 Feb 2003

thanks brian i will check it out but the modem was connecting to the internet fine before its just today that the problem has reared its head again.

  BrianW 15:07 23 Feb 2003

Sophie - any news on this item?

  special sophie 15:11 23 Feb 2003

Yeah there is thanks brian they have changed somewhat I have posted them here click here

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