Please comment on my first web shop

  Griffon 21:01 15 Nov 2006

I'd appreciate your comments on my first website to include a shopping cart.

click here

I've learnt a heck of a lot by building this site - not least about using the PayPal shopping cart - so although I'm a relative newbie I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  PurplePenny 22:51 15 Nov 2006

You don't deliver to Yarnton! Oh well, no gateau for me then.

You've got Chislehampton twice and Sandford-on-Thames is missing the "d"

One small question: since the cakes are only delivered within the UK why go for a .com domain? Why not a If I were looking for a service like this I would restrict the search to only pick up addresses so that I wouldn't get hundreds of US and other sites.c

  Griffon 07:02 16 Nov 2006

Thanks for spotting those corrections, PurplePenny.

Yarnton, Oxfordshire? For you, anything :-)

Yes, the .com / gave us great thought here. I produced the site for someone who tends to move round the world every few years. So, she needs to take her site with her, if you see what I mean. The domain is registered too and points to the .com location. At some point I'll probably produce a mirror page.

  Griffon 16:58 16 Nov 2006

Wow - Fourm Member! Thanks very much for spending so much time checking over my site. I will go through your comments carefully and update with the required corrections.

I note your comments about keywords and in fact I wish I'd read a bit more about SE optimisation before I built the site. I now know that it's possible, by careful use of site layout for example, to ensure that the important text appears higher up the source than I have it. I don't know how important this is. Do robots give up spidering a page when they get 20% / 30% / 50% down the page? Why they shouldn't read the whole page I don't know, but the implication in the articles I've read is that the higher up the source, the more weight a spider gives to text. What are your views?

  PurplePenny 22:42 17 Nov 2006

As well as the benefits of proper heading tags to search engine ranking, they are also better for accessibility. In fact using proper heading tags, in a semantically logical heirachy, is essential for accessibility. This is because users of assistive technology use the heading tags to navigate around a page.

There should only be one <h1>, <h2>s should be subheadings of <h1>, then <h3>s are subheadings of <h2> etc.. You can't miss a level so, for instance, you can't make an <h4> a subheading of <h2>.

"Yarnton, Oxfordshire?" The very same!

I see your point about having a domain name that will travel!

You seem to have all the distance selling info covered; but just in case there is a really good guide to selling online on Trading Standards. click here

  Griffon 08:39 18 Nov 2006

PurplePenny - thanks for that clear explanation of heading tags. I tend to use css text because it gives me more control and I can make changes site wide at a stroke. I've never quite understood how I control heading tags with css. I tend to use css to define the different texts I wish to use in various circumstances - and not think of it as heading tags or ordinary text tags. I need to educate myself better on how to use css for this.

  PurplePenny 17:36 18 Nov 2006

Just use it exactly the same way as you do for text. So, for instance, you have a class called titleheader

.titleheader {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 16px;
font-style: normal;
color: #577B8B;
font-weight: bold;

You could substitute "h1" (no full stop before it) for ".titleheader" and it would then apply to every instance of the h1 tag. If you wanted headings 1,2 and 3 to be the same style but different size you could define the common elements:

h1, h2, h3 {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-style: normal;
color: #577B8B;
font-weight: bold;

then add the sizes separately:
h1{font-size: 16px;}
h2{font-size: 14px;}
h3{font-size: 12px;)

What are you using to build the site? Someone else might be able to give you more specific instructions for doing it in your chosen software.

  PurplePenny 17:37 18 Nov 2006

fourm member types faster than I do...

  PurplePenny 17:39 18 Nov 2006

are saying "eat me".

  IClaudio 19:27 18 Nov 2006

This is such a tasty site yum yum :)

I'm off to cook dinner...

  Griffon 13:20 19 Nov 2006

To fourm member and purple penny.

Thanks. I understand exactly what you mean there. .... except the bit about .h1 I use dreamweaver and when you set up a ccss text it asks for a name for the text - usually in the form of dot name (.maintext or whatever). I thought it had to be .name but you're saying for heading tags there should be no dot, just h1?

IClaudio - bon appetite :-)

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