Please check this setup out..

  son of bof:) 18:36 22 Sep 2003

Hi Guys,

Can you check out this setup for me, as I've recently bought a Shuttle SN45G but there was a fault in the PSU, so I had to get it returned. I'm looking for a just as stylish alternative.. but also something quite small too.

I've come across a few things so far and I was just wondering if you guys could help me confirm wether everything would be ok with it..

CoolerMaster ATC-500 - click here ,
ASUS A7N8X - click here ,

The other things that I have are:
AMD XP2600+ 333FSB,
512MB PC2700 DDR RAM,
GeForce 4 Ti4600 128MB DDR RAM,
40GB 7200RPM HDD.



  JIM 18:53 22 Sep 2003

CoolerMaster ATC-500 /ASUS A7N8X + All else would satisfy me if you have allready.

One point.

The GeForce 4 Ti4600 is AGP 4X with Fast Writes and AGP 4X / 2X and AGP Texturing support,and the ASUS A7N8X mob has AGP Pro/8X for providing cutting-edge graphics performance.

  alan 2273 18:54 22 Sep 2003

The motherboard is 130mm x 105mm so you need to find if it will fit in the case as it says ATX case their should be no problem

  Rayuk 18:58 22 Sep 2003

I have seen in other threads that the 4600 runs very hot best to keep an eye on temps in such a small case

  son of bof:) 19:31 22 Sep 2003

Thanks for the help guys..

Do you know if an AGP 4x card will matter going into an AGP8X slot, because after all.. it should be backwards compatible.

I'll check out the sizes too

  Djohn 19:38 22 Sep 2003

The card will be OK as the slot is backward compatible. j.

  dan boy 21:01 22 Sep 2003

i have almost exactly the same spec pc as you except i have a geforce4 ti4400. Even with this it gets up to some fairly high temperatures. id reccommend buying a bigger case. (also its easier to upgrade) If you want something stylish get a modded case with neon lights and side panel windows. ive got a v770 modded case and its beautiful.

  pinka 21:19 22 Sep 2003

or you could buy one of these click here qtec slot drive bay

  leo49 21:34 22 Sep 2003

If you're going to buy the mobo and case you mention,you could save yourself a fair bit of cash by checking the price of the same items here:

click here

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