Please check my site

  Declanworld 11:01 01 Mar 2008

Since yesterday, I can no longer access my site via my domain: click here which is on redirect to my Virginmedia URL: click here.

My domain registrar says she can see it in her browser but I can neither access it from home or work.

  Kemistri 11:39 01 Mar 2008

It works fine from both URLs.

  MAJ 11:49 01 Mar 2008

Yes they work fine here too. Try holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and at the same time, press the F5 key, that should reload it afresh.

  Sparkly 12:02 01 Mar 2008

Declanworld works fine in my Yahoo Browser nice photos and artwork.

  Declanworld 16:49 01 Mar 2008

Thanks all - I think this is a peculiarly Virginmedia outage; VM Technical Support can't access it either and are going to check it out.

  Declanworld 13:49 02 Mar 2008

This is what Virginmedia are saying:
"The site has dns issues but it may also higlight an issue on our side i.e. how we deal with sites with poorly configured DNS."

Can eNom really have dns issues - they're a very big domain registrar?

  anchor 13:43 04 Mar 2008

Both links work fine here. (IE6)

  Declanworld 13:57 04 Mar 2008

It's looking like it's only inaccessible to Virginmedia customers.

  beynac 14:32 04 Mar 2008

"It's looking like it's only inaccessible to Virginmedia customers."

I think that you are right. I'm on VM and can't access it.

  Declanworld 18:28 04 Mar 2008

Thanks beynac. That'll help with my VM negotiations.

  beynac 20:03 04 Mar 2008

You're welcome.

I get a "403" message - "Forbidden
You don't have permission to access / on this server."

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