Please can you check this site for me

  acrobat270 20:04 21 Nov 2004

Hi folks,

Have just finished a redesign of my site using css and have checked it using standalone versions of IE 3,4, 502,5.5 & 6, firefox and on a mac however despite it working fine on all these at resolutions 800x600, 1024x800 & 1280x1024 a close friend is having issues with the text in the centre box overlapping the left grey column. Does anyone else experience this?

click here

I have validated the CSS and HTML and all seems fine. If you find a problem I'd be grateful if you'd let me know what os/browser you are using.

Many thanks.


  luke_garwood 21:50 21 Nov 2004

im running xp pro sp2 with the latest internet explorer and updates all links and visual aspects are fine. looks good as well. maybe you can help me though. im a budding web desinger and ive recently purchased studio mx 2004. im looking for some help as to how one goes about producing a buying website, ie: shopping basket, paying online etc. etc any clues or web sites with info would be much appreciated. [email protected]

  Taran 22:49 21 Nov 2004

You should start a new thread for your question.

It will gain a wider audience and ensure that your answers and those for acrobat270 do not get mixed up by asking different questions in the same thread.

You also don't need to post your email address. Anyone wanting to contact you can click the envelope icon next to your username and use the PC Advisor email form to send you a message. This does not display yuor email address to the public.

If you start a new thread to ask your question you will get plenty of help.


  Forum Editor 23:36 21 Nov 2004

is fine in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox.

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