Please can someone explain GBs ?

  Granny. 13:00 18 Jan 2005

I feel REALLY stupid, but please caould someone explain exactly what GBs are?
The reason I`m asking is because we now have Broadband in my area, so I contacted my ISP (Tiscali) to upgrade, and got their confirmation letter this morning.

If I tell you the contents, maybe you could tell me what it all means???

"1MB Up to 20 times faster than your standard dial up connection.
£15.99 a month with 2GB monthly usage included.
Over 2GB then £1.50 per GB pay as you go."

Does this mean it`s going to cost me a lot of money? Sorry, I know I`m dim, but I honestly don`t know what a GB is !!!

  smudge101 13:03 18 Jan 2005

Gb is short for Gigabyte, a unit of storage.

To get this into context a CD holds approx 0.7 Gb and a DVD holds 4.7 Gb

It sounds as if you go over this amount of info downloaded you have to pay extra, but I don't think it will be alot depending on your usage.

  Meshuga 13:04 18 Jan 2005

GB stands for Gigabyte.

  TomJerry 13:08 18 Jan 2005

It talk about the size of downloaded files. Web page files are small, pictures are big.

GB: Gig Bytes, 1G=1024M, 1M=1024K, 1K=1024Bytes

so 1GB =1024x1024x1024Bytes, about 1000 millions bytes

as an example, 5M pixel digital camera, one single picture at the highest quality will be around 3MB

If you do not download movies and do not download a lot of software upgrades, 1GB traffic a month is enough

If you are worried, get a ISP which has no up unlimit (e.g. Tesco (512k) £19.97 a month) or has a maximum you need to pay.

  TomJerry 13:11 18 Jan 2005

What does this mean?

Tiscali Broadbandx20 comes with a 2GB monthly usage allowance which is the amount of data you can download and upload each month. The following table gives you an idea of what you can do with this usage allowance every month.

Online Activity 2GB a month

Surfing the Internet 4 hours a day

Sending photos by email 60 photos a week

Receiving photos by email 60 photos a week

Downloading music tracks 10 tracks a week

Downloading video clips 10 2-minute clips a week

Sending emails without attachments 200 emails a week

Receiving emails without attachments 200 emails a week

Please note: The above table is intended to illustrate what the 2GB monthly usage allowance might enable you to do. Any combination of these or other activities are also possible. These figures are approximate.

  [email protected] 13:17 18 Jan 2005

Ten = Deca, Hundred = Cento [I think], Thousand = Kilo, Million = Mega and a million million = Giga.
One Byte = 8 bits [of information in computer speak]

  [email protected] 13:59 18 Jan 2005

My apologies - Giga = 1 thousand million.;-(

  Chezdez 14:23 18 Jan 2005

click here

this is table taken from the CISCO online material, should explain everything i should imagine ;)

  Graham ® 14:38 18 Jan 2005

I've given your image 10!

  [email protected] 14:56 18 Jan 2005

It all depends on how you use your PC at this moment in time Are you on all day every day or simply for an hour or two per day? Do you download pictures dvds music?
That decides your choice currently with a dial up modem at 56K rating you will find it slow If you wish to play games online like your grandchildren do then you need the better option of unlimited GB per month
If you are simply a surfer just chatting & shopping email then you would find the 1GB will suit you
click here will offer you similar options but with tel numbers 0845 1400200 to talk to the experts & they do have a starter pack probably similar to Tiscali
Hope this helps

  Chezdez 15:41 18 Jan 2005

thanks Graham :D

this CISCO book and online material is an absolute god send!!!

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