Please Answer me guys i really need your answers

  mehdizz 23:44 24 Jan 2018

please guys i have a probleme i wish you can help me So , yesterday my friend gave me his usb to format my computer he already bootable Soo i install windows , then i boot dban is it a programme for physical formatage Soo the formatting stopped in 30 % , then i connect the usb in the computer of my sister to format it , i formatit it , I rendered the usb to my friend then he told my that he find a file he deleted it and he returns ,I have doubts is it possible that my files (my pictures , my video .... ) they automatically transformed into his key ? please answer me and i'am so sorry for my english cause my friend told me that is is possible and i dont know :/ iam so sorry for my english

  Forum Editor 07:36 25 Jan 2018

It is always possible - what was the file?

  hastelloy 07:44 25 Jan 2018

dban doesn't format - it overwrites everything on the disc. You would use dban if you want to sell thee HDD with no trace of its previous contents.

  mehdizz 08:02 25 Jan 2018

i dont know what is it the file he restore ; iam just asking that theres no way that my file transformed automatiqly into his usb ?

  mehdizz 20:48 25 Jan 2018

what do you mean ?

  hastelloy 09:28 26 Jan 2018

You said "then i boot dban". It means that Dban removes everything from the hard drive.

You should always have a backup (copy) of everything in case things go wrong and you lose everything.

  mehdizz 10:51 26 Jan 2018

i dont speak about dban , i speak about if is it a possibility that file has ben transformed automatiqly into his usb

  hastelloy 10:00 27 Jan 2018

In the second line of your original post you said "then i boot dban".

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