Please advise on upgrading from ME to XP Home

  J5 22:00 30 Sep 2004

I would really welcome advice on upgrading from ME to XP Home on an Evesham computer (AMD Athlon 1.3, 256 Mb DDR) purchased in May 2001. I have been advised that I should first download from Evesham and save to disc a modem driver that works with XP so that I can subsequently download new drivers for components. Is there anything else I should know. Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:12 30 Sep 2004

Get click here
Everest to ID the components of your machine and see if it you can get the drivers for your hardware for XP.

Then do a clean install of XP rather than an upgrade. Even with the upgrade version you can format and install.

  VoG II 22:14 30 Sep 2004

Run click here first.

  picklsey 07:31 01 Oct 2004

i would put more memory in at least 512mb.

  961 09:26 01 Oct 2004

If you run the windows advisory mentioned above it will tell you which drivers need updating and which programmes may not work. The same checks are found on the windows xp disk and should be run before attempting to upgrade

Download all the required drivers first

Check if programmes which will no longer work have manufacturers web sites with updates to equip them for xp

The advice to install more memory is worthwhile

You do not say how large your hard drive is, but windows xp does like space. Lots of it

  OwenLotts 09:31 01 Oct 2004

Also if you are buying an upgrade CD then use it once like that. Iron out any problems with drivers etc then backup your work / drivers and programs and format the drive. The Upgrade CD can be used as a full install CD (you'll need to show the installation your Me CD at some stage) and you'll have a nice clean install of XP. The reason to do an "over the top" upgrade first is so that if at any stage you hit a real problem you can uninstall XP Upgrade and then start again.

  1514 20:24 01 Oct 2004

I should imagine that if you install SP2 after XP you would probably get all of your needed drivers!

  J5 23:23 02 Oct 2004

As always when I ask for help here, I am impressed by the high quality of the response. It is very impressive. Many thanks to you all for your excellent advice. I feel much more confident now.

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